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How To Combat Negativity In Your Business

As a business owner it isn’t uncommon to experience negativity, you might be unsure that a new product is going to succeed, or that you really need those extra 5 members of staff. To some extent it comes with the job, but what’s the best way to deal with it?

Don’t Act Aggressively

When people are criticised, they often become defensive. However, remaining calm and taking everything on board in a composed manner is much better than screaming and shouting at the top of your lungs. Whether the negative feedback comes in person or through email, from a client or from a family member, here are some top tips to help you combat feelings of anger.

-If you are emailed something negative, don’t respond immediately. Give it a bit of time before you sit down to compose the reply, this way you’ll be in a much better frame of mind.

If you really need to get the anger out of your system, write down your frustrations as a confrontational response- just make sure you don’t actually send it!

-Make sure you breathe, slowly and deeply. If you’re given some negative feedback on the phone or face to face, take a minute before you react. In the same way you would leave an email for a while, don’t say the first thing that comes into your mind.

-Do some exercise and you’ll be able to clear your thoughts. Remember, it’s not always best to reply to negative feedback straight away. If you give yourself time to relax you’ll soon realise it wasn’t as bad as it first seemed. It’s not worth damaging your businesses reputation for the sake of a few sharp tongued, foul mouthed minutes. Leave work, spend time your family, go on a jog, and first thing the next day you’ll be ready to respond in a calm, constructive manner.

Reply Pleasantly

Although this may seem similar to the above point, in actual fact, it’s something totally different but equally as important. Replying to negative feedback is a great way to build lasting customer relationships and increase respect. If your businesses Facebook is littered with negativity, from suppliers you’ve worked with to customers who have been left disappointed with your products- don’t leave them waiting for a response. Reply in a pleasant way and show empathy, if they have just received a broken item, replace it, if they have been treated poorly by a member of staff, say that you will talk to them privately so you can get the matter resolved for the future. Imagine how bad it will look on your company if you haven’t taken the time to get back to your customers. Not only will this put them off shopping with you again, it may also turn future clients away. If you respond to good and bad comments, people will know you care about their opinions, and it may just influence them to come back to you again.

Use negativity to your advantage

If someone has taken the time to write you a negative comment, don’t let it go to waste, use it to your advantage. It may seem disheartening and disappointing to you initially, but once you sit down and analyse what it actually means, it can be great for your business. As an example, a customer may complain that they bought a mosaic mirror from you- but some of the glass panels fell off.  If this occurs you need to think, where has it been damaged? Was it knocked over during transportation? Does it need extra bubble wrap surrounding it? Do you need to use a different bonding agent to hold it together? Had it broken before it even left the warehouse? Through considering all of these different possibilities you can ensure quality control is amended for the future.

You can discover a lot from people’s comments so use them to make your business better- you don’t want to make the same mistakes over and over again.

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