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How Singles Awareness Day can help you get new customers

Right after Valentine’s Day, when all the heart-shaped chocolates are heavily discounted, is Singles Awareness Day. It’s not meant to be taken too seriously, and you’re unlikely to find a section for it in Paperchase, but people all over the world celebrate it by unashamedly looking after number one for the day.

Over 17 million people in the UK are single, and even if they’re not aware of Singles Awareness Day, you can still make the most of the occasion and successfully market your business to them. 

Make it easier for people to treat themselves

The main message of Singles Awareness Day is to be a little bit selfish for once. Spa and beauty treatments will be the first port of call for many, so an appealing pamper package with an even more appealing price is bound to get people booking.

Remember, S.A.D (such an unfortunate abbreviation…) doesn’t get anywhere near as much press as Valentine’s Day, so make sure you publicise it on social media, as well as outside and around your premises.

Introduce singles-only events

Groups of single friends can be the lifeblood of lots of bars and pubs, and Singles Awareness Day is the perfect opportunity to appeal to them with themed cocktails or a vibrant singles event.

After Dry January, singles can bring much more revenue to your business because they’re more likely to be back into the dating scene. The first weekend of January is the busiest for online dating sites, with registrations rising by 75%. People are clearly on the look out for a new partner at the beginning of the year, and your bar, restaurant or hotel could be the setting.

Cater to solo diners

Research shows that ‘tables for one’ have become far more acceptable in recent years, with 87% of people surveyed by OpenTable saying they’d “have no problem with eating out alone”. Some would still be reluctant to book a table for just themselves, so your restaurant could embrace the idea of a ‘community table’.

Perfect for making fast friends, community tables have become more and more popular in restaurants around the world. It takes the pressure off single diners who’d usually be reluctant to turn up on their own, and lively groups are good at ordering large rounds of drinks and food – it’s a win-win.

Be more forward thinking than your competitors

Small businesses that cater to the public have to be prepped for their Christmas offers and Valentine’s campaigns in plenty of time – the competition around seasonal events can be particularly intense.

A new and slightly gimmicky event like Singles Awareness Day gives you the perfect opportunity to create special offers or packages that your competitors haven’t even considered. If you know you’re the only bar, hotel, restaurant or retailer to embrace the occasion in a big way, your local press could be interested in learning more, gathering you much more publicity in the process.

Need help with the costs?

Seasonal events can be expensive for hospitality businesses. If you accept credit and debit card payments, you can raise finance with the Merchant Cash Advance, and repay flexibly as your business earns.

Your repayments depend on how much you process through your card terminal each day, meaning you only repay as your business earns.

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