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Hiring the Young- Why They Can Make Great Staff

For a number of years young people have been under scrutiny from the British media, and unfortunately now, many individuals have formed negative opinions about this age group. According to one study by UK Youth, “39% of adults are unaware of the positive things young people do.”

Consequently, many teenagers and young adults are struggling to get the employment they deserve, they’re told they failed an interview due to a lack of experience, but how can they gain experience if nobody is willing to hire them?

One study by CIPD suggests, “fewer than six-in-ten (58%) of SME’s currently employ anyone aged 16-24, compared to more than nine-in-ten large organisations (93%).” Teenagers and young adults can actually benefit companies in some great ways, and here’s why you should trust in them, rather than judging them based on sensationalist media claims.

They will value their role

They will appreciate the opportunity you have offered them and for this reason act enthusiastically. You will find they bring a huge amount of energy to the office, along with a willingness to learn and constantly improve.

They know a great deal about technology

If you struggle to use excel, or navigate easily around word- find any young person and they will more than likely be able to point you in the right direction, as well as teaching you some extra, valuable tips and shortcuts. It is on every child and teenager’s academic syllabus to learn about computers and I.T, so something that might seem difficult to those less technologically experienced, might be simple and straight forward to a young person. It is part of their culture to spend time on computers, tablets and mobiles and they have grown up with this- so they will know how to use gadgets like the back of their hand. You could also utilise a young member of staff to help with social media, they will know all about the latest trends.

You can develop existing staff

If you offer someone their first job, the chances are they will have to learn their role from scratch. Why don’t you put someone in charge of their progress that isn’t already at a managerial level? This way, not only will this person help develop the young intern, but vice versa. Staff will be able to progress their training skills whilst testing their own knowledge of systems and products.

They can offer different perspectives

They may think of something that nobody else has previously considered. Young people can offer a fresh perspective, and one that may have been overlooked by others of different age groups. Many are unofficial experts in technology, social networks and trends so take advantage of this. It is particularly important to hire a youthful member of staff (or several) if your product is aimed at this age group, their advice and opinions will be truly significant and something to be valued by employers.

Youth present the future of business

The skills you give to a young person will stay with them forever. Despite moving on and taking different career paths, they will always remember who gave them their first opportunity. They could be an entrepreneur of the future, and change the world for the better because of the chance you initially gave them.


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