The Euros Are Here, Is Your Hospitality Business Ready?
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The Euros Are Here, Is Your Hospitality Business Ready?

Football fans, you’ll be pleased to know the Euros are just around the corner. The initial play off’s will be an exciting time for many people in the UK, so if you own a pub, bar or restaurant business why not take this opportunity to get involved! Here’s an interesting statistic for you, football tournaments are worth more than £60m to the pub and bar industry according to the Carlsberg UK Consumer Insight Report.

If you’re based down South and own a hotel or B&B you could also have an influx of guests. The games will be played in France this year so many eager fans will be getting the ferry over.

Below is a calendar of when the first round games will be played, this will help you make the most of each match. We’ve also put together some ideas which you can use to draw in football crazy customers.


The Food

If you own any establishment that sells food, you should introduce a special menu in support of the Euros. There’s so many countries involved in the matches that you’ve got lots of opportunity to create some really quirky and delicious meals.

You could offer a bratwurst to represent Germany or sharing tapas for Spain. People love trying new things when their out, especially if they know it’s only available for a limited time. Make sure you put any menus on display around your establishment and people will come back time and time again for another special dish. Alternatively, you could also put on a beer and burger meal deal on match days to attract people inside before or after a game.

It’s getting (slightly) warmer and sunnier each day so if you have an outdoor seating area available, make sure these are looking as good as can be. Eating or drinking outside is very sought after thing during the Spring and Summer months and football fans will enjoy grabbing a lager (the preferred drink when a game is on) pre or post match and meeting up with other supporters in the warmth.

The TVs

If you have the type of business where people are encouraged to come in and sit down, you should really think about getting a TV license. They’re only £145.50 and that will cover everyone on the premises watching from numerous screens. This is a great opportunity for businesses because football fans prefer the atmosphere of watching a match out rather than at home.

Did you know, live football can add an uplift of 60% to a pubs rate of sale?

The Decorations

Football fans will be excited about all the matches coming up, but especially the ones which are most relevant to them. You need to decorate your premises to show you feel the same way. Put bunting up around your windows, stick flags on your front door and have balloons near the till. As people walk past, they’ll see that your business is the place to go to meet other supporters and get excited about future games.

Marketing and Advertising

If you are going to do anything around the Euro’s, make sure you advertise. There are so many different ways to do this, you could use traditional methods such as flyers or market digitally via social media.

If you collect the email addresses of your customers, a good way to inform them about what your doing is through email. If they are loyal to your brand already and know how good your products are, they will be excited to find out about any new plans you have.

People aren’t psychic, the only way they will know what your business is doing is if you inform them. Encourage people to like your Facebook page so they can keep up to date with everything, if you post regularly you’ll find more and more people become engaged with your brand.

The first match will be played on the 10th June, so it’s time to start preparing. If you would like any additional stock, marketing and advertising materials or anything else that could help your business stand out, Capify could raise you invaluable funds. We can provide business owners with anywhere from £3,500-£500,000 so you can carry out any plans you may have.

Which team do you think will come out on top?