Why Your Retail Business’ Décor Could Be Turning People Away
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Why Your Retail Business’ Décor Could Be Turning People Away

Shopping is a huge part of 21st century life, with increasing value placed on fashion, looking good and keeping up to date with new styles. It has even become commonplace for individuals who are short of physical money to visit stores and take part in window shopping, scouting out future outfits whilst eagerly anticipating pay day, or just going ahead and buying on credit if they’re short on liquid cash.

If you own a small independent shop, it is vital to business growth that you attract prospective customers in any way you can. This can be done through marketing, advertising, discounts, and maybe something you haven’t addressed because of the high costs involved – the design and décor of your shop.

Not everyone will have heard of your brand, so you need to contemplate how your shop looks to people who are visiting for the first time. Is it clean? Are there enough mirrors? Do the changing rooms offer sufficient room to wiggle in and out of clothes? Or, have you got too much merchandise out on shelves, making it cluttered and unattractive? You’ll need to go above and beyond satisfactory and ensure your shop perfectly reflects the quality you offer and makes your desired customer feel at home. According to branding expert Gregor Jackson, partner at gpstudio, “the store environment is the ultimate showcase and the physical touch point between the brand and customer”, so it needs to reflect your product, your prices and your customers. If you’re a temporary pop-up, offering something heavily discounted, then a beautifully designed shop doesn’t matter so much, because it’s temporary and people are flocking in for a bargain and little else. A shop where browsing is encouraged, however, might need a makeover.

Designing for your target audience

By taking the time to considerately decorate your shop and organise the space, you can make sure that the correct target audience will want to visit. Make sure you think carefully about the relationship between the products you sell and the appearance you want to present. If you are a children’s toy retailer, maybe consider using bold, exciting colours – something that would stimulate a child’s enthusiasm as soon as they walk in – it is, after all, mainly their excitement which sells a toy to the parent. Make sure there’s also lots of space for them to play and somewhere for parents to sit down.

Or, maybe you stock men’s quality suits, plenty of mirrors need to be displayed around the shop so customers can slip on a blazer and evaluate the style and fit without having to struggle against four others to get a glimpse of their reflection.  If you think carefully about the types of people who will be walking through the door, your shops décor will become appealing and entice your target audience.

Making the most of your space

It is important to optimise your space, and make the most out of what room you have. There are some great tips that you can acquire to do this.

Did you know that if you paint one wall a bold colour you can make a room look much bigger? And painting all walls one, pale colour can have a similar effect. You could also place your furniture in a clever way, why not use a low chest of drawers to stock some of your clothes, and on top you could place a long mirror. People then have the chance to find the correct size whilst imagining what an item of clothing looks like on. If you only have a small space, lighting can be also be key, try and bring in as much natural light as possible. If this isn’t an option, a smart use of artificial lighting can also do a great job.

If you open up a space using creative design techniques, people will feel comfortable and relaxed choosing items from your shop.

Shop Vs Online

A crucial thing you need to remember when decorating your shop is that one of your strongest competitors is the internet. However, you have a great advantage in that you can give people a personal, physical experience. By optimizing your shop to make it interesting and exciting, people will become more enthusiastic about taking a trip out to choose new products, rather than sitting at home. You could make the changing rooms particularly nice, as trying on clothes is one thing you can never do when internet shopping. Encourage people to get the most out of your store, and you will see your profits steadily increasing.

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