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Is Your Hospitality Business Attractive to Customers?

Presenting your business in an attractive way is very important and could be a factor that determines the success or failure of your establishment. If you work in the hospitality sector it is vital that hotel rooms are kept immaculate and dust free, bar surfaces are cleaned and restaurant kitchens are sanitised. If you don’t prioritise cleanliness, you could lose valuable customers.

According to one study, “50% of people said that good cleanliness would encourage a future visit to a restaurant”- Eat out Magazine. 

Here are some of the best ways you can maintain a neat presentation and perfect hygiene in your business.

Analyse your surroundings

Cleaner- Cropped

Customers will form opinions about their surroundings as soon as they walk into an establishment- including desk surfaces, furniture and uniforms. Staff need to therefore maintain a tidy environment and personal appearance.

As a hotel worker or owner, it’s important that you try and view the business as if you were seeing it for the first time. Is there any dirt that you can spot, or do your walls need an extra lick of paint? Sometimes, it becomes hard for people to judge a setting properly when faced with it every day. To combat this, try walking around and taking note of anything you don’t think is up to the right standard. You can then make sure it is sorted out for the future. Through jotting down negative aspects of your business’s presentation in a diary or log, they will become hard to ignore, and, as you work your way through each task you will see your establishment’s appearance getting better right before your eyes.

Keep up with your cleaning

You need to set up a regular cleaning routine. The best time to get tasks done is before your business opens, at quiet intervals throughout the day and once guests have left at night.  It’s easier to keep on top of a mess rather than letting it build up. If all members of staff are instructed to tidy at quiet times your establishment will look fantastic when new guests arrive. Not only will your employees look like they’re doing something productive, the place will also look spotless as well.

To make sure everyone does their fair share, create a cleaning rota. Ensure your products are easily accessible and they also need to be safe to humans. You don’t want to contaminate cooking and dining areas with potentially dangerous solutions.

“Nearly two thirds of people (59%) say that being served a drink in a dirty glass is the cleanliness issue that annoys them the most” – Eat Out Magazine.

Don’t look unprofessional

If you work in the hospitality sector, the chances are you will be face-to-face with customers at some point. You need to consider how you look to them, do you have a large stain on your shirt or is your tie loose and crooked around your neck? It’s important that staff come across as professional and tidy because that might be the first judgement someone makes about a business.

You also need to make sure that your hygiene is up to the correct standard. “The average hand is home to 10m bacteria,” if you’re handling people’s plates, cutlery and menus, the last thing you want to do is give them an illness. Make sure you use hand sanitiser on a regular basis to avoid spreading germs.

People visit hospitality establishments for varying reasons, some enjoy being waited on and others like to spend time with friends in a different atmosphere.  However, everyone will value great presentation and cleanliness. Through taking the time to complete this necessary activity, you could really make a difference to your business. Don’t portray yourself as unprofessional, keep up with the housework and you will reap the benefits.

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