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Discover innovative business loan company, Capify

Could business finance help you today? Here’s some information about our unique and innovative loan product, Capiota.

Typically a business bank loan is repaid monthly, which means entrepreneurs have to budget and save for 30 days, ensuring that they have enough in their bank account to pay a large lump sum when the time comes. However with Capify, business owners pay back the funding everyday which means you won’t have to struggle to save a fixed amount. With our daily repayments, you can easily keep track of your cash flow.

Capify was established in 2008 and ever since it has helped thousands of Limited companies to grow and thrive. We can offer business owners anywhere between £3,500-£500,000 and once approved, we will transfer the funds to you within days. This means you can start carrying out any necessary or desired projects straight away. The repayment term for the loan is typically between 5-8 months which means by the time you have completed all your exciting plans, it will be paid off.

According to an article on, “for many, especially, young and new businesses, the bank door remains firmly shut and for those that do approach them, the rejection rate is estimated to be 50 per cent.” Alternative finance is definitely worth considering for those businesses that want to prosper, providers can offer a much better acceptance rate and some really innovative payback solutions.

Read our case study below and find out how one customer found our service,

Amanda Sprake, Satellite Aerial Television Systems

Discovering Capify

When Amanda was looking for some business finance online, she stumbled across the Capify website.

Capify’s Appeal

Amanda thought it was a great idea that you could pay back the funding daily, compared with a traditional bank loan where they take payments each month. She felt that this made the loan hassle free and easy to manage.

The Application Process

Amanda said the application was straightforward and liked the customer service that she received during the completion process, the staff talked her through it step by step which really helped.

Helping Businesses

Amanda needed to buy large amounts of expensive equipment. She said the loan really helped her business because her cash flow was able to remain as usual, despite the outgoing money funding her new supplies.

The Capify business loan allowed Amanda to complete her ambitious business projects which impressed her clients and ensured they came back to her… she feels the loan has really increased company profits.

She said “it has allowed me to carry out all my plans in a short space of time, it gave us everything we wanted and more.”


Amanda would definitely recommend Capify to others!

If you are interested in getting a short term business loan with Capify, you can apply here or call 0800 158 5993 for some more information. Our online application form is simple to use and all of our advisors are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the Capify product.