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Is Your Booking Technology Up-To-Date?

Are you losing bookings because your software is insufficient? Does it ever make mistakes? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it may be time to invest in some new technology which will modernize and streamline your business, increasing customer satisfaction.

Booking systems can help maintain organisation within a company, and provide guests with a great first impression. Previously, only large businesses tended to use these advanced systems, but now they are becoming popular among SME’s too, and rightly so, as they have benefits that can improve businesses of all sizes. Particularly popular with restaurants, hotels, spas and salons, booking technology is a revolutionary game-changer that many business owners couldn’t be without.

“There has been such an increase in (rooms) being booked online that even the smallest of hotels can no longer ignore the need to have an online booking engine”, according to Little Hotelier, a reservation management system designed for small hotels and B&Bs.

There are many advantages that come from using booking technologies, and they are capable of much more than the obvious. This software can often:

Prevent over-bookings from occurring

Manage large groups

Keep track of income

Acknowledge any coupons or offers used by customers

Manage waiting lists

Send confirmation texts or emails out

Manage customer details

Recall customer information from previous months or years

Add subscribers to a marketing list

It has now become the norm for customers and owners alike to know exactly what they have planned for the future, thanks to cyber booking engines. This is great for both parties, and means everyone knows exactly where they’re up too. Many services will automatically send out reminder texts to customers, letting them know that their appointment or booking is coming up, something that saves many from missing bookings – a costly side effect of the service industry.

However, possibly the best thing about using booking forms from a business point of view, is that they are capable of managing everything in one place. Systems can be easily incorporated into your website, which can improve both popularity and reputation, making it possible for someone to book a table or a room immediately online – something which has become assumed. If someone making a booking has to pick up the phone to clarify something or to complete the process properly, you’re doing it wrong.

According to more than half of worldwide hotel reservations are made using a mobile device, less than 48 hours before the booking itself. For this reason, there are growing number of apps being created to make this process easier for people.

If you want customers to choose your establishment, it is crucial that you keep up- to -date with modern booking technologies, including apps and online softwares. These can come at a cost, or there are less advanced options which are completely free. By taking advantage of these efficient and secure systems, your business will reap the benefits.

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