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Capify waves goodbye to a great 2015!

So, 2015 was an exciting year for us!

On 21st July, Capify – a provider of business finance to small business owners – was launched around the world. The company had existed in the UK, America, Canada and Australia for a number of years but was known under different names:

United Kapital/Capiota – UK
Amerimerchant – US
True North Capital – Canada
Ausvance – Australia

Each office had tremendous success in its own right, but by bringing them together we can now offer something even better to business owners – the knowledge and experience of people from all over the world.

A lot of hard work went into the rebrand because we needed to create something that would be a success globally. A new name, logo, color scheme and website were created which everyone agreed would suit their respective countries. We also had to make sure the transition from our old brand to the new was as smooth as possible. We already had many loyal customers so we didn’t want to confuse them by suddenly changing the appearance of our company. It’s now been 6 months since our official relaunch – how quickly does time go!

2015 was a really exciting year for the company. As well as joining together
with the other offices around the world we also extended our own UK premises
to accommodate extra staff. The Mayor of Trafford came to officially open it
which was a great day. We also had visits from some of our customers and
partners who wanted to come down and celebrate with us.

Towards the end of 2015 Capify Cares was launched. With offices in so many places, we recognised that there are many local charities all over the world that could benefit from our help and support. To begin the initiative, the UK helped with Key 103’s Mission Christmas which aims to ensure all the less fortunate children of Manchester are able to wake up on 25th December to presents. Rather than doing a Secret Santa in our office, everyone here bought a gift for the cause and in total over £500 was spent and 135 presents were acquired. A few employees also went to help out in the warehouses, giving up their weekends!

These are just a few of our 2015 highlights, I’m sure your business has some too! If you have any exciting plans for 2016 Capify could help you raise the necessary funds, we could provide you with anywhere from £3,500-£500,000. Maybe you want to extend your office or do a full rebrand like us, or maybe you just want to buy a new product line, whatever your ideas we could have funds in your account within days of applying. Call 0800 151 0980 to find out more or apply online today.