Capify Stories: Koh Thai

Capify Stories: Koh Thai

Watch our new video testimonial about Jay, owner of Koh Thai Tapas and his relationship with Capify.

Jay has grown his unique Thai tapas business from just one restaurant to eight… and he has even more plans to expand over the coming years. So, why has Koh Thai had so much success?

A Unique Product

Thai food is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK, but have you ever eaten it Tapas style? Jay offers delicious tasters of traditional Thai food which his knowledgeable staff will help you choose depending on your flavour preferences? Hot, mild, vegetarian, fish or meat, they offer it all.

Right from the start, Jay recognised that his business was something special. People from all over Bournemouth were coming to visit and he was turning hundreds of tables a week. With so much success, he decided it was time to expand and offer his amazing products and services in a different location.

However, when Jay approached the banks they told him that he hadn’t been trading for long enough and were reluctant to offer him a loan. Frustrated, Jay and his business partners stumbled across Capify online and decided this could be a better solution.

4 Years and 8 restaurants later we are still working together. Jay and Koh Thai are a true success story and really accentuate just what our funding can do for inspired and passionate people wanting to propel their business.

Koh Thai Tapas is a business based in the South West of England, they currently have eight different restaurants in locations such as Bath, Bristol, Bournemouth and Christchurch. If you would like to find out more about their inspirational business, visit their website here.