Capify Cares- Superhero Day

Capify Cares- Superhero Day

On Friday 13th May, the managers of Capify UK dressed up as Superheroes.

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Although it was hilarious to see them wearing lycra and capes, there was a reason for them doing this beyond making the staff laugh… Capify was supporting Key 103’s Cash for Kids, who’s aim was to raise money for the amazing charity ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’. This charity was created so that seriously ill children and teenagers can do something they’ve always dreamed of, whether that be a trip to Disneyland or a meeting with their favourite celebrity. Since 1990 the organisation has granted over 16,000 wishes so that families are able to create special memories together, away from the hospital bed.

Capify Cares proudly raised £1,182.52 for When You Wish Upon a Star from our Superhero day. Not only did team leaders and directors come to work in their best costumes, the staff were also able to play the wheel of doom. Each employee got to have a spin and depending on what it landed on, a chosen manager had to do a forfeit. Tasks included singing a song after inhaling helium, doing the worm and saying a rap as if it was a love poem, all were equally hilarious. You can have a look at some of the pictures below.

Louise, head of Marketing said “It was a fantastic day and everyone had a blast raising money for When You Wish Upon a Star’. We are so happy that we managed to beat our £1,000 target because it’s for an amazing cause.”

Capify is positioned in Station House, Altrincham. A large building home to over 30 companies. We decided that to get other people involved and raise that little bit extra we’d put a cake sale on in reception. Many of the Capify team (and their mothers) created some delicious treats such as carrot cake, victoria sponge, jam tarts and brownies. At the end of the day unsurprisingly there was very little left and our fund raising jar was nice and heavy.

Everyone from Capify UK was happy to support this cause because it is such a brilliant charity which helps those truly in need of some laughter and happiness. This was our second Capify Cares event and we look forward to doing more as the year goes on. It’s important to each member of Capify that we help those less fortunate than ourselves, whether that be by purchasing toys for families in poverty at Christmas, taking part in charity basketball events or dressing as Superhero’s.

If you want to find out more about Capify cares, take a look here.

Nina head of Capify’s Sales support team and Capify Cares said, “All of the management team came together to pull off a great day which everyone enjoyed immensely, it will be the talk of the office for some time! The amount raised was phenomenal and I’m delighted that we beat our target. I wish I could be dressed as a superhero every day.”

Here’s some pictures from the day…

Someone spots our superheroes walking down the high-street and gives a donation. 

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The superheroes casually choose their lunch. 

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A superhero fan poses with some of his idols. 

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Batgirl prepares to fly away. 

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Someone makes the most of seeing the superheroes out and about and poses for a snap with them. 

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Duffman has to do a forfeit and get his face painted like a panda. 

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The MD of Capify attempts the worm. 

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