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Is your business prepared for the bank holiday?

Bank holidays are typically a day of rest, a day where people can relax and enjoy the freedom of not being in work. However this isn’t the case for everyone, as those who have a job in the hospitality sector will likely find they experience a much more hectic day than usual.

Public holidays can be a great opportunity for small business owners, many people are looking for exciting things to do and it’s possible they will choose to spend their time (and money) at your establishment.

Here’s how you can draw individuals, couples and families through the front door…


Fingers crossed this up and coming bank holiday is filled with sunshine for those celebrating across England. Not only will this benefit the people who are off, it will also be great for those who are working in the restaurant industry.

You know that the bank holiday is likely to be a busy one, so make sure that you plan for every eventuality. Clean and decorate any outside drinking and dining areas so they look attractive, this way you will draw people in who are looking for a nice spot in the sun. Even if the weather isn’t great, you can still encourage people to visit your premises. Create a special bank holiday menu and promote this on social media. You could include a quirky caption to go with it,

“The weather isn’t great on this miserable bank holiday Monday, however our food is. Come and celebrate your time off with our special ‘summer’ menu, we bring the fresh taste of the outdoors inside, because let’s face it, nobody wants to sit in the rain.”

Did you know that according to Big Hospitality, the August bank holiday in 2014 was set to see Brits spend 120% more in restaurants than during an average weekend? The same could apply this May so be prepared!

Pubs and Bars

Okay so nobody EVER gets away with drinking on a Sunday, especially with a 7am wakeup call on Monday morning. However, with the bank holiday approaching, you have a chance to make this happen for people. Why not put on a special event featuring up and coming musicians and advertise any great deals you’re going to offer. Draw people to your pub on an evening where you wouldn’t usually have much custom and you will reap the benefits. Make sure that however you choose to promote your unique night, it’s an attractive option to take- you need people to be excited about what you’re offering.


Why not put on an exclusive “festival feel event” to tie in with the start of this season- you could offer deals on ciders and beer as these are summer favourites. Or, how about planning a night titled ‘party because you can” emphasising that people should make the most of this rare opportunity.

Hotels and B&B’s

The leading online hospitality publication, Big Hospitality, published an article last year stating that during the August bank holiday 5.1 million Brits had organised to go away somewhere in the UK.

This bank holiday could be exactly the same, with people looking to travel rather than remain at home. Why not make the most of the opportunity by putting on a special deal where guests can get three nights for the price of two, this way you will ensure they stay for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you put on delicious food and nibbles at an extra cost then you will soon make a great profit.

You could also put together a special guide filled with things to do in the local area, whether your hotel is aimed at families or couples this is easy to adapt and will give people more of an incentive to stay with you. Post this online and you will encourage people to choose your hotel when they’re deciding where to go. If you do a bit of research for anything happening on this weekend in particular, such as a fair in the area, new art exhibition opening, or book signing event- you will draw people to your premises at this time.


You could also offer people a packed lunch which they can take on their trips and days out. There will be additional cost for this service which is great for you. If you take orders for this up front then you can be prepared, knowing in advance peoples preferences and any special requirements.

If you feel that you haven’t prepared for this bank holiday sufficiently, and want to really make the most of the next one coming up, Capify could provide you with £3,500-£500,000. Our innovative Merchant Cash Advance is a flexible alternative to a business bank loan and you will have funds in your bank account within days, giving you plenty of time to carry out any plans you may have. Whether it’s a small refurbishment you wish to complete, hiring some new staff, or expanding your premises to include a luxury outside dining area, Capify is a fantastic option to consider. We have a brand new online application which you can find here, it gives you an instant decision about how much finance can be raised.