Business Loan Calculator: When and Why You Need Business Finance
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Business Loan Calculator: When and Why You Need Business Finance

How do you know it’s the right time to look for a business loan?

Most business owners have thought about raising finance, but they might have put it off because they weren’t sure if they needed it, or if it’s the right time. Here are some signs the time is now!

 When you’ve got plans but you’re finding it hard to make them a reality

There’s nothing more frustrating for a business owner than feeling further and further away from your goals. A business loan can help you grab hold of them with both hands.

When you want to reach a new or bigger audience

There are lots of ways to attract new customers, some more pricey than others. If your strategy involves big and bold ideas, make them happen!

 When you’ve exhausted what you can do with your existing cash flow

Raiding your rainy day savings is rarely a good idea. Instead, a business loan can help you afford what you need while protecting what you’ve saved.

 When you can see opportunities everywhere!

You’re a business owner, so you have a keen eye for change and upgrades. Don’t put those insights to one side, they’ll help you build a better, stronger business.

Capify is a provider of simple, quick, and responsible access to business finance. We support lots of business types, from retailers to restaurateurs wanting to expand their business and capitalise on new opportunities.

If you’re interested in finding out how much you can raise, use our business loan calculator to find out!

Business Loan Calculator


The Capify Business Loan can help you raise up to 130%* of your average monthly turnover.

*Subject to terms

How to spend your business loan

Once you’ve used our business loan calculator and found out how much you can raise, the next step is deciding exactly what to spend it on. In other words, the fun bit!

Refurbishment and renovation

Keep your customers happy and comfortable with new furniture, a lick of paint, or a full wall-to-wall renovation.

Business technology and apps

Organising your team and operations just got much, much easier. Make life simpler for you and your staff with software that takes care of admin, scheduling, and even marketing.

Staff training and education

Give your staff everything they need to succeed, including skills training, new uniforms, and incentives. They’ll repay you with hard work, loyalty and great service.

 Marketing and advertising

Spread the word about your business online and offline. Increasing your marketing budget can mean attracting a brand new audience. What business owner wouldn’t want that!?

You could raise over £500,000 in business finance with Capify. Interested in finding out how much you could get? Use our business loan calculator. You can receive funds in days! Find out more.

Business Loan Calculator