6 Brain Foods to Keep You Going at Work
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6 Brain Foods to Keep You Going at Work

Whether you work in an office or have a hands on job, we all experience tiredness and a lack of motivation at some point- usually after a big lunch! Here are some of the best foods that will give you the energy to keep on going throughout a busy day at work.


Wholegrains are a great way of getting energy. Instead of choosing refined foods such as bread, pasta and rice (which can actually make you sleepier), choose their brown equivalent. Not only do wholegrains lower the chance of you getting many chronic diseases but they will also help you remain lively throughout the day.


Melons are mostly made up of water but sometimes this is all we need to be revitalized. Dehydration can leave us feeling tired and in major need of an energy boost but coffee and tea don’t always quench our thirst. If you’re not interested in ditching the mid-morning brew, why not partner it with some of this juicy fruit.


Blueberries are a Summer favourite, but did you know there are lots of health benefits from eating these fruits? According to some studies, blueberries can help you mentally by improving your short term memory. With so much to think about whilst working, I’m sure this is something many individuals will appreciate. Blueberries are the perfect snack, pop some in a tupperware and eat them between breakfast and lunch and you will reap their numerous benefits.


Skyr is Icelandic yogurt and it’s delicious! The product is similar to Greek yogurt but it’s made with non-fat milk. The thick and creamy texture means you can eat it as a snack to curb hunger or even as a dessert with some fruit and honey. The yogurt has lots of protein in it which is great for giving you a slow and long release of energy. If you’re planning on going to the gym after work, you should have some of this before to help build and heal muscles.

Green Tea

Green tea has loads of health benefits, it’s long been said that if you drink a few cups a day you will lose weight, be more protected against cancer and less likely to get heart disease, but did you know it’s also meant to make you smarter?

Green tea is made up of Caffeine which has been shown to improve things such as your brain function, memory and mood. All of these things are much needed when you’re sat in work.

Although Coffee contains caffeine too and more than what’s in green tea, it can have some negative side effects.


Salmon is a great source of energy. If you’re ever feeling sleepy at your desk, make sure you get some of this down you. The fish goes nicely with salad or you could put it on a wholegrain cracker, this way you’re getting two energy boosters in one!