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The Benefits of Pop-up Businesses

‘Pop up’ businesses are everywhere at the moment, owners are using them to sell designer clothes, unique gift products like candles or jewellery, and even food goods. There are so many advantages that surround these versatile stores, especially in the summer when people enjoy spending their spare time outside, rather than cooped up indoors.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of displaying products in a pop-up shop, or market stall.

Internet traders can sell in person

Those who own an online store can use a pop-up shop to get their brand name out there, away from the competitive nature of the cyber world. A benefit of moving products into the public eye is that people can see exactly what their purchasing. Once they sample the quality, they will definitely want to buy online too!

Another perk of internet retailers showcasing their products is that they can sell face-to-face, rather than relying on a description and image to make the sale. It is crucial to the success of all small businesses that owners build relationships with their customers and this is a great way to do it. Interacting makes it easier to acquire feedback which means you will know how to edit and improve your products in the future.

Although internet shopping is constantly growing in popularity, with people preferring to buy from the comforts of their sofa, there are enormous advantages to presenting your offerings in person- even if it’s just for a few weeks of the year.

Make the most of the summer

These shops are adaptable, and that is one particularly great thing about them! You can choose to place them in a busy high street, in a field during a festival, or pay for a space at a popular market. Depending on what you sell, the summer can be the perfect time to showcase your products in this unique way.

If your trade is food and drink you really need to make the most of this seasonal opportunity. People don’t always want to sit indoors for a meal or have a drink inside a café- especially when it’s pleasant outside. Offer something innovative and tasty that people will want to try before your semi-permanent outdoor shop is closed. Once people have a lust for your products, they will hunt down your permanent establishment to get their hands on them. Remember- one of the best things about having a pop-up shop is you can really get your brand out there. If you place your shop somewhere different to the permanent store then more people will discover you. Advertise and hand out leaflets informing people of how long you’re going to be there, and where they can find you once your gone. This way you’re creating urgency and sparking an interest in your product.

Extended Trading Hours

If you have the enthusiasm and drive, you could keep your pop-up shop open for an extended period of time depending on its location. If your store is in the grounds of a festival, you could remain open throughout the day, and for most of the night too. As people walk buy at all hours, they may be tempted to see what your interesting looking stall is all about. This is a great benefit of these unique shops, you can judge opening and closing times depending on what’s going on in the area. With prolonged hours, you may take in some extra sales too.

Market Research

As an example, if your shop is permanently placed in the beautiful city of York, you may want to see how it would do located elsewhere. This can be particularly helpful if you’re considering expanding to another premises. If a business owner’s main product is authentic glass mirrors and they sell this in a large city and do well- it may also be worth testing their performance in a more rural area, as people in the country might also love this product. Showcasing items in different places all around England will get you known and create a need for your product where it hasn’t previously been on offer. It’s a great way to turn your brand into a larger, more popular, national trademark.

Rather than just testing the location, you could also test different products or age groups. If you have a great idea, but you’re not sure if it will take off- get a few samples made and display them in your short-stay store. Ask people’s opinions, see how well they sell and judge what type of individuals are buying them too. You could find out so much, for example, a jewellery store might discover that black bracelets seem to be chosen and worn by young females who have a love of fashion, but the bright orange bracelets are purchased by males who want to add some colour and uniqueness to their otherwise dull wardrobe. Obviously this is only an example, but if you begin looking out for trends, when you introduce the range to your shop- you’ll be extra prepared. Knowing how to target products can be just as important as the item itself, so use your pop up stall to do some market research. This can also be great for new businesses who want to test the waters before launching a new idea.

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