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Benefit Your Business During the 2015 Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is going to be the biggest event in England since the 2012 Olympics and it’s due to attract countless visitors from all over the world. This is great news for businesses, especially those situated around the eleven host cities.

Discover how you can make the most of this amazing opportunity and attract people to your establishment by reading the 4 points below.

Be Prepared

First and foremost, you need to be prepared! Not only for the influx of guests that will visit your establishment, but also for the times and dates of each match- especially those in your area. Although it may come as a fantastic surprise to look outside your restaurant window and see hundreds of people searching for places to eat, they’re bound to choose other locations if yours doesn’t seem organised.

In order to stand out you should spend some time looking at the up and coming fixtures and then prepare accordingly.


You could purchase some Rugby World Cup posters or bunting to hang in your window, this will show you’re interested in the topic and target specific world cup followers. In addition, why not put on some special deals to compete with other stores wanting to attract custom.

6 Weeks

The Rugby World Cup is going to be on for 6 weeks and during this time people from all over the world will be travelling and exploring cities across England, including those that aren’t hosting matches. This is a great opportunity to attract people to your premises.

Use this time to advertise and market like crazy, make the most of this unique opportunity. It isn’t often that so many people will be visiting England from countries all over the world, especially outside of generic holiday seasons and for such a concentrated period of time.

11 Host Cities

If your business is situated in or around one of the 11 host cities, you’re very lucky. That’s not to say businesses who aren’t close by won’t benefit too, because as stated above it’s very likely that whilst here, visitors will travel and sight see. The Rugby World Cup will be hosted in destinations across England and Wales, “spreading the opportunity for Tourism far and wide” VisitEngland.

You need to think about all the other businesses that you are up against and come up with innovative ways to draw customers to your business over there’s. How can you stand out from the crowd?

If you show that you too are interested in the Rugby World Cup, people will be excited about coming into your shop and discussing it with you. After all, sports followers love nothing more than having a good debate about teams, scores and predictions.

Every Establishment

There are so many businesses that can benefit from the Rugby World Cup, especially in the hospitality sector.

– Pubs and bars should get involved by playing matches on the TV. Although many people will be travelling from other countries to watch the games, Rugby has a huge following in England and Wales too. A lot of people might not be able to afford the pricey tickets but still want to watch matches in a great atmosphere, encourage them to choose your pub by advertising the games you will be playing, hanging up flags and putting on drink deals.

Sports Fans - Resized

– Restaurants can also take advantage of the Rugby World Cup tourism by putting on a special menu or great offers. Why not feature unique meals which are traditional to the countries playing that day. As an example, when France and Italy play on the 19th September you could add to your menu lasagne and crepes for one time only.

– Many people will be staying at hotels during the Rugby World Cup so how do you make them choose yours? You could go above and beyond others by offering a local written guide featuring things to do and see in the area. If you’re too busy to create this or pay for printing, make sure your local and Rugby World Cup knowledge is up to date so you can tell people the best places to see on their stay, working around their sporting commitments. Advertise on your website that Rugby fans are welcome and you will help them have the best time in England by offering advice and support.

– Retail outlets could order in some rugby world cup merchandise for this occasion. Many supporters in England might like to get their hands on items which present their love of the game and support for a team. Even if you just sell badges or scarfs, you will make a profit from this occasion that you wouldn’t otherwise.

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