How to Balance Home and Business During the Festive Season
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How to Balance Home and Business During the Festive Season

The markets are now open and Christmas shopping is in full force, the festive season has officially begun. For business owners, particularly retailers, salon owners, and restaurateurs, this time of the year demands a careful balancing act between home and work.

Even though you own a business, you have your own things to organise for Christmas, just like your customers. Here’s how you can balance everything over these busy next few weeks.

Keep lots of lists

Whether it’s gift ideas, things to do, or Christmas dinner ingredients, lists will be your best friend over the next couple of months. When you’re forced to fit errands in here and there, being disorganised or last minute will lead to chaos. When you think of something you need, write it down immediately.

Rely on your friends and family

When giving customers all your attention, it’s difficult to do the same for yourself. If you can rely on the people around you to pick up pigs in blankets and gift wrap – do it! You can’t do it all yourself, so share the workload. However your friends and family help you, there’s probably a way you can return the favour too.

Shop online and organise deliveries

Websites are open for business 24/7, and most offer some form of express delivery. Instead of fighting through crowds and taking time away from your own business, order your gifts online and send them either to your workplace or a pick-up point. This allows you to do things on your own time, rather than waiting for Post Office depot opening hours.

Hire temps

If you’re feeling the strain, your staff probably are too. Christmas can be a stressful time for everyone, and with colds constantly passing from person to person, you’re likely to have a few absences to deal with. By hiring temps, you’ll be able to share the workload, serve even more customers, and give permanent staff an opportunity to book some time off.

Get some help with management

The bigger your business gets, the more you’ll have to shoulder all the decision-making. This will feel especially pressured during the busiest months of the year. Consider collaborating with a business manager you can really rely on. When you’re both focused on the same goals, two heads are definitely better than one.

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