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John Rozenbroek

John Rozenbroek

Background & Experience

John Rozenbroek is the COO/CFO at Capify, John is an experienced finance professional with over two decades of experience and is responsible for overseeing the company’s operations, managing risk, and ensuring that the firm remains compliant with all relevant regulations. 

With his wealth of experience John has been able to help Capify UK stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing financial landscape. John’s previous roles include CEO / CFO at Experian, Reality Group plc, GUS plc, EOS Solutions plc and ThinkSmart plc. 

John has been a mentor to many in the industry, teaching them the importance of understanding the risks associated with any investment, often providing commentary and advice on economic conditions and the best course of action SMEs can take. 

John Rozenbroek’s long-term experience has made him an asset, not only to Capify, but to the industry as a whole.  

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