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Ten steps to improving your cyber security

Cyber crime costs UK businesses over £4.5 million annually and the threat is growing. Don’t let your business be vulnerable. Our latest article outlines ten essential steps to shield your operations from cyber threats. From cultivating awareness and basic security measures to advanced strategies like encryption and recovery planning, these tips are crucial for any business.

Cyber security for SMEs

Is your business truly safe from cyber threats? In a rapidly digitalising world, cyber security is not just a big corporation’s concern – it’s crucial for SMEs too. Discover why effective cyber security is the backbone of your business’s safety. Our comprehensive article dives into the real risks SMEs face, from malware to phishing attacks, and the catastrophic impacts of cyber crimes.

Business-focused Autumn Statement outlines support for SMEs

Delve into the Autumn Statement, a transformative blueprint for small businesses. Featuring permanent ‘full expensing’, a £50m apprenticeship fund, and extended tax reliefs. For a comprehensive analysis and to discover how Capify’s finance solutions align with these new opportunities, read the full article.

How to write an effective business plan

Let us guide you through the principles of creating a business plan that reflects the unique essence of your brand, a plan that not only serves as a reminder of your foundational passion but also as a proven catalyst for accelerated growth. Click here to find out more.

Capify announces new £45m SME Loan Fund

Are you among the 76% of SME owners concerned about your cash reserves? Struggling to secure funding from traditional banks? Look no further. Capify, the UK Credit Awards’ SME Lender of the Year, unveils a groundbreaking £45m SME Loan Fund. Don’t miss out—this fund is available only until December 31st.

Business confidence falls again as SMEs experience cash squeeze

Capify’s latest quarterly survey SME business confidence fell further in Q3 2023, with two thirds of owner now worried about cash in bank as inflationary impact bites

Agriculture Trends for 2023

Discover the Five Pivotal Trends Reshaping the UK Agricultural Sector and How Capify Can Help You Navigate Them. From volatile input costs to a seismic shift in consumer habits, uncover the challenges and opportunities awaiting SMEs in agriculture. Learn more now!

7 Steps to make your SME more sustainable

Unlock the untapped potential of sustainability for your business. Learn how going green isn’t just good for the planet—it’s a game-changer for attracting top talent, winning customers, and securing investment. Even small steps can yield big rewards for SMEs. Read now to transform your business strategy.

Challenges and opportunities in care homes sector

Discover why the UK’s rapidly ageing population is putting unprecedented pressure on the care home sector. Learn about the looming challenges of staffing shortages and escalating costs that could reshape the industry.

How to buy better: procurement tips for SMEs

Buying better is a delicate balance of art and science. So how can SMEs make the most of procurement processes and practices to maximise the impact to the business?

Regional Profile: North West

Heartland of the Industrial Revolution and home to some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes, the North West of England is a varied regional area.

How to master sales for SMEs

Sales are the lifeblood of any business and devising a sales strategy is essential to ensuring you are selling to the right people at the right price and in the right way. Our 10 step guide will help SMEs ensure their sales strategy is optimised to realise the business’ growth objectives.

SME ‘cash crisis’ continues as business confidence remains low

SME business confidence in the UK fell slightly in Q2 2023, while concerns over cash reserves and rising costs persist, according to our Business Confidence Survey. The survey revealed that although turnover and profits improved for some SMEs, many were behind their annual targets. Click here to learn more.

Driving growth in professional services: How to create a successful acquisition strategy

Struggling in a challenging business climate? Discover the secret to boosting growth for business and professional services (BAPS) firms. Explore the advantages of strategic acquisitions and learn how to make a successful purchase. Recent research reveals surprising statistics that could reshape your business outlook.

Capify announced as SME lender of the year

Capify named SME Lender of the Year at Credit Awards 2023 – Find out how this Manchester-based finance provider achieved record-breaking growth and emerged victorious in a highly competitive industry. Read more!

5 hospitality trends for 2023

The hospitality industry has faced significant challenges in recent years, but opportunities lie ahead. Discover the five key trends that will shape the sector in the coming year.

Is this the end of billable hours?

Learn how changing customer demands are reshaping billing structures in the business and professional services sector. Read our latest article to learn how legal firms, accountants, architects, and more are transitioning to alternative billing models for enhanced competitiveness. Don’t miss out on this industry revolution!

Rethinking how to get the best talent

Discover how SMEs can tap into global talent trends by embracing remote workers and freelancers. Learn about the advantages, challenges, and potential cost savings that come with hiring talent from different regions, and find innovative solutions to address staffing shortfalls in your business.

Business loans for women

Explore how innovative solutions are bridging the gap and empowering women entrepreneurs to access the funding they need for their small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Click here to read the full article and discover how these innovative financing options are leveling the playing field for women-owned businesses.

Maximising Marketing for SMEs 

Discover how securing external funding can drive innovation and growth for your small business. Our recent report highlights the benefits of seeking external finance, as most businesses lack the necessary funds to fuel their growth initiatives. Learn why accessing external finance is essential for small businesses and explore the ways it can support your innovative ventures.

SME confidence shows improvement as trading performance stabilises

Is your SME struggling with a ‘cash crisis’? Our latest quarterly survey reveals that while business confidence has improved in Q1 2023, reduced cash balances and ongoing cash flow concerns are still affecting many small businesses. Click to read more about our findings and learn how to navigate these challenges.

4 Top Tips for improving work-life balance for small business owners

Running a small business can put tremendous strain on your ability to achieve a healthy work-life balance. The demands of business ownership often result in longer, sometimes anti-social, hours and it can be harder to switch off. But carving out time for non-work activities is essential for your wellbeing, and that of your friends and family. It will also be better for the business.

ESG and SMEs – what you need to know

Despite the continuing headwinds facing the wider UK economy, there remains a considerable appetite from many SMEs to become more sustainable. But what are the opportunities for ESG-focused smaller businesses, and what are the barriers they need to overcome?

How to get a small business loan

During the course of running your business, there may be times when you need an injection of external finance to help meet day-to-day challenges or realise strategic opportunities. The process and conditions of securing that loan vary by each lender, but there are some things you can prepare to help make the process smoother.

Managing inventory to boost cash flow

Learn how effective inventory management can boost cash flow for small businesses in this blog post. Discover how understanding inventory turnover ratio and using strategies such as increasing sales, improving forecasting, identifying best sellers, selling off older stock, and reducing the cost of goods sold can help improve your inventory turnover ratio.

What can SMEs expect from the Spring Budget?

On March 15th Jeremy Hunt will make his second budget announcement as Chancellor of the Exchequer. What he unveils on the day can have a huge impact on the operations and finances of SMEs across all sectors.

5 signs you might need a small business loan

This article discusses how a small business loan could help capitalise on exciting new opportunities during a period of market movement when competitors are struggling and buying habits are changing. It highlights events like a new store location becoming available or the opportunity to pivot operations to meet a new market segment as good reasons to seek an injection of cash.

Cash concerns grow for UK SMEs

The latest quarterly survey has painted a worrying picture for small businesses with cash balances dropping and cash flow presenting major problems. These difficult circumstances have led to a decrease in SME confidence and have left many businesses struggling. In this article we look at the cause for SME concerns.

Why cash flow forecasting is important for SMEs

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any SME, and a cash flow forecast will highlight what your cash position is likely to be over a defined period of time.

Using BI To Improve Cash Flow

This article looks at the type of data SMEs might look at to help improve its cash flow visibility and performance. Some of these processes can be automated through BI tools and software which is now more accessible and affordable for SMEs.

Three good reasons to invest in your business before April 2023

Time is running out to take advantage of super-deduction

How to manage SME expenses

Expense management is key to business success. It will place financial strain on your business and impact profitability if allowed to go unchecked. We offer up some tips and advice on how to improve, manage and stay on top of your company spending.

Preparing for 2023: How UK SMEs can survive and thrive in the year ahead

After a difficult 2022, trading conditions for UK businesses are set to be even more challenging in 2023. Official forecasts indicate that the economy will remain in recession for much if not all the year. We collate the insights from a range of experts on what businesses can expect in the year ahead.

SMEs preparing for tough times ahead

Our latest quarterly survey finds a small improvement in SME business confidence despite gathering economic headwinds. But the survey also points to operating challenges amidst falling profitability and concerns over rising costs

Make this festive season your most profitable yet

Whilst 2022 might see festive spend decline due to the ongoing cost of living crisis, consumer data company Statista predict that retail sales over Christmas could still reach £82.2 billion British pounds. Whilst that’s down on last year, it’s an increase from 2016, 17, 18 and 20!

Exporting tips for SMEs

Political and fiscal turbulence has created record-breaking falls in the value of the Pound. This causes problems for any business reliant on overseas imports but could be a boost for UK exporters

Financing talent 

Attracting and retaining the right talent is a vital part of any business strategy. But for SMEs, skills shortages can have a significant impact on operations and growth.  What can smaller businesses do to find and fund the right talent for their business plans? 

Taking a long-term view to green investment

Latest research from Capify finds that green investments are slipping down the priority list for UK SMEs. But when the economy recovers, those companies with sustainable credentials will be well-placed to accelerate their growth. 

UK SMEs demand immediate support from the new PM and her cabinet

Latest research by alternative lender Capify finds SME owners are looking to the new Truss government to assist with a plethora of business challenges ranging from soaring inflation, weakening demand and rising interest rates.

Q2 Business Confidence Survey: Findings

Find out the results of Capify’s Q2 Business Confidence Survey.

You’ll also be able to see how the findings differ from previous surveys we’ve conducted.

Pricing Strategies To Meet Inflationary Pressure

UK inflation is at a 40-year high, and many businesses are changing their prices in response. But have they got the right pricing strategy?

Extreme weather and the hospitality sector

As the UK battles record temperatures, many climatologists believe extreme weather will become the future norm. The foodservice and hospitality sector is one industry which is directly impacted by conditions outside. So how will businesses need to evolve to meet changing demand as the mercury rises and falls?

Cashflow a growing concern for business leaders as SMEs face new challenges from rising costs and inflation

A growing number of business owners are being kept awake at night by worries over cash flow. In Capify’s Q1 2022 Confidence Survey, 37% of respondents cited cash flow as a major concern (up 14pp from 23% in Q4 2021). Whilst a further 13% were concerned specifically about non-payment of invoices.

5 Inspirational and Innovative Female Business Leaders

The number of women in C-level, executive jobs is still relatively low in the UK. Just 6 of the FTSE 100 chief executives are women (8 are called Dave), and those male chief executives “earn on average 77% more” than the women on the same board.

The SME guide to cash flow management

Strong cash flow is important for any business, but for SMEs it’s the lifeblood of their operations. Cash flow is all about the amount of money coming in and out of your business, and for small business owners, a positive cash flow provides opportunities to invest and grow.

The Supply Chain Crisis & SMEs in 2022

Outside of Logistics Retail Warehouse With Inventory Manager Using Tablet Computer, talking to Worker Loading Delivery Truck with Cardboard Boxes, Online Orders, Food and Medicine Supply, E-Commerce

Business owners in the United Kingdom are facing the highest rate of inflation for a decade, as Covid-19’s fallout drives up the cost of raw materials. Towards the end of 2021, significant supply chain disruptions were happening across the country and the rise in inflation is likely to see this continue well into 2022.

But other than a general 8% increase in price tags, how has the supply chain crisis affected the various sectors of industry so far, and what has it meant to business owners?

5 Cash Flow Worries for British Businesses

Cash flow management can affect every aspect of a business’ growth, from its ability to hire new staff to servicing more customers and clients.

The Top UK Cities For Business Growth

Recently there was an analysis performed on 150,000 businesses in the UK to see how various locations stacked up in terms of business growth.

Top 10 Ways to Manage Cash Flow

For the 5.7 million SMEs in the UK, cash flow is a constant focus. It’s the money coming in and out of businesses, and without proper management, it can lead to big issues.

4 Things Independent Retailers can Learn from Fashion Week

London Fashion Week (LFW) is one of the biggest dates in the global fashion calendar, bringing together 250 designers and orders worth £100 million in February and September every year.

4 Simple Ways to Put More Cash Into Your Small Business

Accessing more funds for your business can be a great way to grow and thrive. It provides you with the opportunity to achieve any plans that you have, whether that’s; launching a new product, increasing the marketing budget or refurbishing your premises.

4 Mistakes That Every Business Owner Makes

Owning a business is arguably one of the most demanding jobs that there is and in order to continuously improve, owners are required to work hard every single day. Whether you’re thinking about setting up your own company or are already established in your market, here’s some mistakes that you should avoid making.

4 Alternative Business Finance Products to be Familiar With

The 2008 recession hit small business owners particularly hard, and many banks still won’t lend to them ten years later. As a result, alternative finance options for both businesses and consumers have sprung up all over the place.

10 key strategies to succeed in business in 2022

Owning a small business can be one of the most rewarding experiences, however, the big leap into the great unknown can leave you with financial strain, no time for yourself and some serious anxiety. The more you know, the more you earn. So, let’s get down to business with our top 10 tips for you to grow your business!

Is cash flow more important than profit?

If you run a small business, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about profit. How much did you make? Is it up on the previous year? What do you need to sell to increase it? These are the questions lots of small business owners will ponder – but is profit really that important?… Continue reading Is cash flow more important than profit?

How online retailers can manage cashflow in the run up to Christmas

The festive season is on the way, and for lots of online retailers, it’s the busiest and most crucial time of the year, especially with Brits predicted to spend £200bn over Black Friday and Christmas. To survive and thrive during this period, having a healthy cashflow for your online retail business is vital, but notoriously… Continue reading How online retailers can manage cashflow in the run up to Christmas

How to clean up your business’ environmental footprint

Until a few years ago, a green investment often entailed a sizeable capital investment. To make things worse, often things like solar panels would become obsolete too soon, making many question whether going green was a smart business investment. But now that’s all changed and going green is no longer a burden on the bottom line. With society’s environmental conscience becoming ever aware of climate break down and the… Continue reading How to clean up your business’ environmental footprint

How effective inventory management can improve business cash flow

Good cash flow management is a vital part of running any business and is key for ensuring you can pay staff salaries on time, meet current expenses, and have capital that will enable you to expand. The way in which you manage your stock inventory is a crucial part of improving cash flow. If you… Continue reading How effective inventory management can improve business cash flow

Business Cash Flow Loans: Are they right for you?

Your frequently asked questions Small business owners will, without doubt, be used to dealing with unexpected costs, operational failures or even essential income being delayed. For all these reasons and many more, cash flow is paramount. A healthy level of cash flow allows small businesses to ensure operations are maintained efficiently with no interruptions. Ultimately,… Continue reading Business Cash Flow Loans: Are they right for you?

7 Ways to Grow Your Business in Uncertain Times

2020 has been difficult for everyone, to say the least. Yet, several businesses and entrepreneurs have come out victorious by displaying a blend of grit and adaptability, leading them to success. Through this article, we touch upon raising capital, bookkeeping in the UK and leveraging legal assistance.   1. Businesses should show as much traction… Continue reading 7 Ways to Grow Your Business in Uncertain Times

Gross Profit Vs Net Profit – what’s the difference?

Keeping a close eye on your finances is vital as a small business owner but understanding exactly which numbers you need to have close sight of and the differences between them can take some time to master.

6 reasons your business should pay attention to working capital

The importance of working capital is often overlooked by businesses, both large and small. But getting the level of your working capital right is an important part of running a successful business and it can be the difference between going bust and growing big. What is working capital? In its simplest form, working capital is… Continue reading 6 reasons your business should pay attention to working capital

2021 Spring Budget roundup for SMEs

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak delivered his much-anticipated Spring Budget, outlining a £65bn three-point plan focused on supporting British people and businesses, fixing the public finances and building the UK’s future economy.

Business confidence and its impact on UK SMEs

It’s perhaps unsurprising that a global pandemic, national lockdowns, Brexit and a potential double-dip recession have knocked business confidence in the UK over the past 12-months. However, 2021 has started with a Brexit trade deal confirmed and the rollout of coronavirus vaccines, which seem to have contributed to a renewed sense of hope and optimism… Continue reading Business confidence and its impact on UK SMEs

The Switch: Sole Trader to Ltd. Company

In the UK, almost 60 per cent of businesses operate as sole traders, and it’s easy to see why. The set-up process is free and straightforward, helping lots of self-employed people start their business journey seamlessly. However, as your business grows, the time may come when it’s no longer the best decision, both financially and… Continue reading The Switch: Sole Trader to Ltd. Company