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Are Your Employees Happy at Work?

Employees are a fundamental part of your business and it is vital that they are treated as such. It can often be the case that staff are overlooked and instead customers are viewed as the only priority. However, according to a study conducted at the University of Warwick, happiness makes people more productive at work and can boost efficiency by 12%. By promoting a positive working environment, you will get more out of your employees, leading to an improved company with a great reputation.

Here are 4 ways that you can create a happy workforce!


It’s important that your employees know when they are doing well, and even when they aren’t. If you take the time to praise your staff for their efforts they will feel valued and positive about their work, leading to an increase in happiness. Make sure those that work hard and do particularly well aren’t ignored, you don’t want people to lose motivation – if they do it’s your company that will suffer. Alternatively, if there is someone struggling, make sure they are spoken to in a positive way and given extra help and guidance to overcome the issue.

If people leave the workplace feeling like they are appreciated, they will be enthusiastic every working day and this will reflect well on your business. Not only will customers pick up positive vibes, family and friends will too, and all of this will lead to a great company reputation.


If you offer staff small perks, they will have something to look forward to and aim for. You could set up competitions based on achieving targets with an appealing reward at the end, such as a £100 restaurant voucher. This will motivate employees to work hard and show you they care about their efforts.

It’s also great to do spontaneous gestures at the office, you could pay for everyone’s breakfast one morning, or take employees on a day out to show your appreciation of their hard work. These small actions don’t need to occur every day, but when they do, staff will feel uplifted and value the company they work for.

It has been in the news this week that one entrepreneur from America increased the minimum wage at his business to £47,000 because he read an article about the effects of happiness in the workplace. This may seem like a crazy and unrealistic thing to do, but he actually made it happen by cutting his own salary by 90%. Imagine how special and valued his employees must feel – it’s no surprise that he has been dubbed the best boss in America.

You don’t need to make a gesture quite this big, but showing you are grateful for the hard work people put in can seriously boost morale.

Keep your employees informed

By including employees in future plans, you will make them feel like they are an important part of the company. It is never a pleasant feeling knowing you’ve been left out of the loop and the same applies to the working environment. Don’t pick and choose who you tell information too, as those who aren’t told will quickly pick up that they aren’t involved in something. This is demovativing and doesn’t lead to a happy workforce, but rather a suspicious one.

If you trust your staff with up and coming plans, they will firstly become passionate about them from the start, and secondly, they may think up some interesting ideas that you hadn’t previously considered.

Ask employees for their opinions

To understand how to make your workforce feel happier, and improve the overall positivity in the office- why not ask them for some advice about what you can change? Do a quick survey, or hold a casual meeting. This way, you may discover a mutual feeling that people have, and you can then work to improve it. You may get some good suggestions that are worth considering, and again, by showing you care and value people’s opinions, spirits will be automatically lifted.

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