Restaurants & Bars: Improve Profits with Alternative Business Finance
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Restaurants & Bars: Improve Profits with Alternative Business Finance

As a restaurant and bar owner, you’ll have a detailed plan for how you’d like to develop your business over the next few years.

Alternative business finance can pay for essential expansion, upgrades, and equipment, helping you and your team impress new customers and keep your regulars happy too.

Here are some of the ways alternative business finance can help you improve and grow your restaurant business.

Renovate and refurbish

Interior design and furniture have a shelf life. If you sometimes look at your 5-year old wallpaper or dining furniture and crave an update, your customers might be thinking the same thing. With alternative finance, you can make cosmetic changes, like repainting. Or you could undertake a bigger expansion project and hire a team to help you with it.

Invest in time-saving technology

A brand new point of sale (POS) or booking system can improve the speed and accuracy of every order. This reduces waste, keeps customers happy, and improves table turnover rate. A clever system will incorporate all your existing tools, including staff rota management and tip distribution. It does it all in one place, meaning less admin for you.

Buy seasonal stock and inventory

With affordable finance, your business can invest in quality ingredients, stock, and inventory for both front and back of house. This includes glassware and tableware, table linen, cookware, and staff uniforms. If you invest in higher quality items, your customers will notice the difference.

Upgrade specialist kitchen equipment

Your menu or wine list is the main reason people review, recommend, and return. To create the perfect menu, your kitchen staff need the best equipment at their disposal. If you haven’t updated yours for a while, or the blenders aren’t working as well as they used to, flexible business finance can help you pay for new models.

Capify provides quick and easy business funding. If you want to invest in a new POS, pay for quality staff training, or buy new stock, talk to us.

With a Merchant Cash Advance, your business can raise up to 150% of its average monthly credit and debit card sales.

Capify has an average score of 9.4 out of 10 on TrustPilot, and we’ve helped thousands of small businesses source finance they can rely on.

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