7 of the Strangest Experiences Only Restaurant Owners Could Have
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7 of the Strangest Experiences Only Restaurant Owners Could Have

Dealing With Bizarre ‘Off-Menu’ Requests

A March 2017 Reddit thread revealed some of the strangest things waiting staff have been asked for when taking customer orders. One waiter recalled being asked for the entire breakfast menu by just two diners, who spent 4 hours polishing it all off. Another server was asked to bring over exactly 13 chips, only for the customer to send the plate back because one was too small to count as a whole chip.

Customers Refusing to Pay Their Bill Because ‘It’s Too Expensive’

The staff of a West Yorkshire Thai restaurant recently had a bit of a shock when a seemingly content diner wouldn’t pay his bill of £35.60 because he considered it too expensive. He left a note for staff reading “I’m not paying £1.30 for a can of coke. I’m not paying £5 for three pieces of chicken.” The owner ran after the man but was ignored, so some other diners kindly offered to take care of the bill.

Having to Discipline Staff…Even When They’re Your Own Flesh and Blood

Restaurants are often family businesses, but this doesn’t guarantee a harmonious working relationship. In June 2016, the owner of a bar and grill in Rhode Island was shocked to see a customer’s receipt read ‘Fatty’ instead of his name, and the waiter responsible was his own son. The owner fired his son and banned him from even entering the restaurant again as punishment.

Enduring Requests From Social Media Influencers

It’s common for bloggers and social media influencers to reach out to restaurants and hotels for free service in exchange for promotion, but some business owners don’t react well to so many requests for free food. The owner of a Michelin-starred restaurant in Kilkenny, Ireland recently tweeted an extract from an email he received from a blogger asking for “a vegan meal for two”, which he captioned with ‘Another day in paradise…’ Needless to say, he turned them down.

Responding to Negative Reviews With Dignity

TripAdvisor is many people’s first port of call when they’re looking for restaurants to try, so negative reviews can really hurt a restaurant’s bottom line. The owner of a Bristol bar and restaurant recently hit back at a 1-star review calling his establishment “Poncey (sic)” and even slagging off his dungarees, by creating a cocktail in honour of the reviewer. ‘The Ponce’s Dungarees’ was launched and gathered a lot of positive feedback on social media.

Customers That Have a Very Extreme Reaction to Onions in their Curry

Last year, an Indian restaurant in Pittsburgh pressed charges against a diner who stormed in, ‘exposed himself’, and threatened staff. Why? Because when he ate there the night before, they put onions in his food. He was eventually charged with “terrorist threats, indecent exposure, resisting arrest, and…public drunkeness”.

Customers Who Plant Things in Their Food to Get a Discount

A 1-star TripAdvisor review claiming the ‘worst service ever’ was challenged by an Australian restaurant owner in March last year. The reviewer claimed “my partner’s meal had a long hair in it, and when we showed this to the waiter, he got upset”. The restaurant owner shared a clip from CCTV in response, showing the reviewer pulling a piece of her own hair out and planting it on the plate. Her request for the meal to be removed from the bill was firmly turned down.

The restaurant trade is full of challenges and even if the competition isn’t too tough, sometimes pleasing customers can be! If you’d like to develop your restaurant business,

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