7 employee benefits that don’t cost an arm and a leg
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7 employee benefits that don’t cost an arm and a leg

Do your staff feel valued? Underappreciated staff are more likely to have regular absences and even resign from their role, which can increase staffing costs by £30k each time.

Your business doesn’t need a Google-sized budget to pay for meaningful staff perks. Here are 7 benefits even small businesses can afford.

Day off on your birthday

Giving staff their birthday entirely to themselves is something more and more businesses are doing. By giving staff a guaranteed day off on their birthday, you communicate that their personal life and working life can live in harmony, and both are just as respected. As an employer, you can easily keep track of upcoming birthdays and ensure it doesn’t make much difference to your overall productivity.

Discounts from local businesses

Skyscanner, a flight-searching website, give their staff discounts at local pubs, bars and salons.

This can take a bit of negotiation on your part, but it’s well worth it if you can provide something other employers don’t. If your staff could offer a consistent stream of revenue to local establishments, you’re well on your way to securing an exclusive discount.

Free fitness classes

It’s difficult to keep fit when you work long hours, so bring the gym to your staff. Yoga in the workplace has been found to improve stress management, stamina, energy, and prevent the posture issues which go hand-in-hand with certain working environments. This keeps staff healthier and happier, and less likely to take sick leave.

Team building activities

Just one day of team building activities can improve communication and understanding within your team, and build the foundations of future training. Retail and hospitality in particular can involve regularly switching roles and rapid, new hires. Keep your team cohesive with a day of bonding.

Fresh fruit and snacks

For some, the promise of cake and sweets in the workplace is a welcome distraction. For others, they’re a guaranteed mid-afternoon energy crash, or even a terrible temptation. Offer an alternative which consistently boosts energy, keeps people productive, and doesn’t cause problems for those watching their diet!

Free eye tests

If your staff use display screen equipment (DSE), such as computers and laptops, for most of their working day, they can legally ask you to pay for eyesight tests and glasses needed for screen time. There’s no evidence that screens cause long-term damage to eyesight, but many can experience some discomfort from looking at screens without proper eyecare. Take care of this, and manage the costs, before your staff start making requests. You’ll be fully compliant and staff will know you care.

Complimentary tea and coffee (make sure it’s the good stuff!)

Your staff spend a big chunk of their day in the workplace, whether it’s a shop floor or office environment. Having access to a free and regular supply of quality coffee and tea can boost morale and productivity quite remarkably, and not just because of the caffeine content! Psychologists from Leeds University Business School even think tea breaks provide an opportunity to network and solve problems.

Capify can help you raise flexible finance to pay for staff benefits and training days. If your business processes over £10,000 a month, you could qualify for between £3,500 and £500,000 in business finance. The online application is simple, and you’ll have a decision within 24 hours.

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