5 Ways Retailers Can Invest in their Business with a Small Business Loan
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5 Ways Retailers Can Invest in their Business with a Small Business Loan

Britain’s small retailers keep our high streets interesting! They provide a personal service to customers, and contribute a huge amount to the economy. With a small business loan, retailers can invest in really clever ways to grow, develop, and improve profits.

Here are 5 exciting possibilities to think about.

Create more space for merchandise and special services

What you sell is your biggest priority. It’s time to make more room for it! Your shop floor or retail space might have become problematic as you’ve grown. Not big enough? Badly designed? You can change that with a small business loan.

Some clever ideas:

  • Build an extension or knock down a wall that’s in your way!
  • Invest in new shelving, rails, or displays – whatever makes your stock look its best.
  • Create a space for gift wrapping, embossing, or some kind of product personalisation. Your customers will love the extra little touches.

Develop a new marketing channel

Already got your marketing sorted on Instagram? Maybe you could benefit from email marketing or a Google AdWords (PPC) campaign too? Advertising your small retail business needs long-term commitment, creativity, and budget. We can help with the third one!

Some clever ideas:

  • Team up with a specialist marketing agency who really know their stuff.
  • Increase your budget on a marketing channel already working well.
  • Go completely old school! Think newspaper ads, flyering, billboards, radio ads, and more. If you think they’re likely to reach your perfect audience, they’re worth pursuing.

Give your staff what they need to stay happy and motivated

Happy, motivated staff are obviously a huge asset. You can help them access new skills and training, pay for new uniforms or exciting equipment which will make their job better.

Anything which makes their day to day life easier will go down really well, allowing them to be faster, more efficient, and more resourceful.

Some clever ideas:

  • Replace dodgy equipment that slows your team down.
  • Ask your staff what they want, need, and would benefit from. They’ll gladly tell you!
  • Think about the services you want to offer and what your staff need to know in order to be the best.

Affording these big improvements doesn’t need to be a big undertaking. The Capify Small Business Loan is trusted by thousands of retailers up and down the country. You can raise up to 75% of your average monthly turnover and repay in small, manageable installments. There’s even the opportunity to raise more funds when you’re ready!

Save time where it’s currently being wasted

You can always make processes more efficient. It could be ordering stock, closing a sale, or organising the staff rota. Business technology, software, and even apps can help you run your business much faster. The days of manual data entry and saving stacks of receipts are over!

Some clever ideas:

  • Automate stock ordering so you never find yourself short.
  • Introduce online ordering. Your customers often expect it!
  • Invigorate your Point of Sale technology.

 Refresh your stockroom

If you can see gaps in your range of products, it’s time to fill them. Your customers should have you at the front of their mind, and trust you sell what they need. Inventory can be expensive, but it keeps the wheels of your small business turning. Whatever’s on your wish list, order it!

Some clever ideas:

  • Get ready for a busy seasonal period with relevant stock and supplies.
  • Become the first in your area to start stocking a new product or range.
  • Expand into a brand new market.

The Capify Business Loan is designed to make all this possible without affecting your cash flow. We provide simple, quick, and responsible access to finance, helping retailers expand and grow.

 Your business can raise from £5,000 to over £500,000 with Capify. Find out more.

Alternatively, if you’d like to find out how much you can raise; get a quick quote today.

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