4 Clever Ways Restaurants can Invest in Their Business with a Small Business Loan
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4 Clever Ways Restaurants can Invest in Their Business with a Small Business Loan

Calling all restaurant owners! If you haven’t made any recent changes to your business, now’s the time. You don’t have to spend a fortune to improve the experience for your customers.

With a bit of planning, and the right amount of finance from a small business loan, you can help your staff learn new skills, speed up processes, and make your restaurant an even better place to be for regulars and newbies.

  1. Help your staff update their skills

It doesn’t matter if you run a casual café or a high-end bistro; every restaurant business can cook up something impressive. To do that, your team need to be skilled and well-practised. Make sure they keep learning by providing training courses, away days, and even just one-off trips to conventions and talks. It all adds up.

By investing in the right courses, you’ll help your team become experts in presenting and preparing all kinds of dishes, cakes, desserts, and more.

The more experiences and clever skills your staff pick up along the way, the more of a win it is for your restaurant. It won’t go unnoticed by your customers either…

How to get started right now: Ask your staff what skills they’re missing or what they’re keen to learn. They’ll be glad to tell you!

You can raise from £5,000 to over £500,000 for your restaurant business. Capify’s Small Business Loan is flexible and manageable – you can raise 75% of your average monthly turnover and repay it gradually in small daily or weekly amounts.

Find out more about Capify’s Small Business Loan and how to apply.

  1. Fix whatever’s slowing you down

Every business has processes and routines that take way too long. For restaurant owners it could be taking bookings, sorting out staff rotas, or ordering stock. You might not even realise how much time these things are taking up, especially if it’s been that way for ages.

Business technology or a sophisticated POS (point of sale) can make all this a breeze, turning laborious tasks into a few taps, or automating them completely. Not only will you have loads more time, your staff will appreciate not having to complete lots of repetitive jobs too.

How to get started right now: Look at the jobs you end up doing over and over again. Is there any way to take them off your hands? Your first stop should be Google!

  1. Advertise somewhere completely new

Adding more cash to your current marketing strategy is a good bet, but you could be ignoring loads of other useful advertising options.

When you’ve done your research and decided on the best channel, a small business loan can help you create a long-term search engine strategy, social media campaigns, local print ads, and more.

How to get started right now: Take a sneaky look at what your competitors are up to. Are they dominating certain Google search terms? Or are they pushing their offers in the local paper? You don’t have to copy them, but it’ll give you a good idea about the platforms that are working for your industry.

  1. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!

Uniforms, equipment, appliances – they all need a bit of an update from time to time. If you’re gritting your teeth at the thought of all that expense, it’s important to remember that upgrading often cuts costs down the line. Basically, it’s worth it!

Newer appliances cost less to run and are less likely to break down, and new equipment works faster and more efficiently. And if uniforms are looking a bit scruffy, customers will start noticing!

Whatever you’re picturing or planning, Capify can help you make it happen. Your small business could raise over £500,000 with Capify’s Small Business Loan. If you qualify, you’ll receive funds in days!

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