16 Capify Runners Take on Half Marathon Challenge
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16 Capify Runners Take on Half Marathon Challenge

Sixteen runners from Capify will be taking to the streets of Manchester for a half marathon challenge aiming to raise £5,000 for charities close to their hearts.

Joanne Hooley, who works as an Account Advisor at Capify, lost her mum to cancer in 2016 and is one of a nine-strong team of runners taking part in the Manchester Half Marathon aiming to raise a giant £2,500 total for Macmillan Cancer Care.

Lewis Turner will be running in a team of seven aiming to raise the same amount for The Alzheimer’s Society in tribute to his nan, who was diagnosed with dementia around three years ago.

The sixteen runners – from all parts of the business – will be taking on the gruelling 13 plus mile challenge in October this year.

“The effort and commitment we’re making to raise as much money as we can for two amazing charities is nothing really when you compare it to the things our family members have gone through or are currently going through,” said Jo, who has worked for Capify since 2015.

“Macmillan is an inspiring charity in so many ways, and helped me and my family enormously when my mum was ill. They helped us have conversations that, at the time, we didn’t really want to have. But we needed to have them, for mum.”

Lewis, a keen runner in his spare time, has been with Capify since 2011, and is running for his nan, who is receiving care for dementia at the moment.

“I run for my nan, and that’s really all the inspiration I need. As well as our motivations for doing this, Jo and I also have an amazing team of people running alongside us who have their own reasons for making the commitment. And that has been one of the incredible things about us doing this challenge. It has opened up conversations about physical and mental illnesses that can sometimes be taboo subjects for many people.”

What started with two people, quickly became 16 after some internal office joking about who could run the course faster.

“We thought it might be difficult to find people prepared to put themselves through the pretty gruelling training regime needed to complete a half marathon, but it wasn’t at all,” added Lewis.

“Some of us are sales people so we’re used to a bit of healthy competition at times! But what started as two quickly became 16 once everyone began having a bit of banter about taking on the challenge. I can’t actually believe how many stepped forward from all parts of the business – if you think about it, it’s actually around one fifth of our team based in Altrincham!”

“This challenge has bought us all closer I think,” added Jo. “Capify is a family, and it really does feel like that. People really care about each other and I think this challenge has bought that out more than ever. When I lost my mum, Capify were there for me – the people and the business – and I don’t know many companies that would do what they did. We all do care about each other, and when you need people to be there, that’s so important.”

The Capify teams taking part in the Manchester Half Marathon are:

Team Macmillan Cancer Care – James Calvert, Jo Hooley, Sophie Cookson, Chris Cuthbert, Jon Grier, Scott Pasquill, Adam Lewis, Matt Harwood and Michael Taylor

Team Alzheimer’s Society –  Rob Smith, Lewis Turner, Andy Brennand, Lesley Lister, Jennie Winkley and Steve Richardson

Together, the sixteen-strong team is ramping up its fundraising efforts in the run up to the race and have set up two fundraising pages. To donate, please visit:

Team Macmillan Cancer Care – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/capify-uk

Team Alzheimer’s Society – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/capify-uk1