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Beat Your Competition

In order to be successful, hotel owners have to constantly evolve their business. This helps them to stay above any competition and make sure their guests have a memorable and enjoyable stay. However, sometimes finding the funds to carry out any extravagant or necessary plans can be a difficult financial battle. That’s where alternative finance comes in.  

Traditional Lenders 

Since 2008, the banks have tightened up their lending criteria, making it harder for business owners to get the funds they are looking for. They will only provide money to those who they deem to be extremely stable, and won’t take any risks if they’re unsure. Unfortunately, this has a negative impact on hotel owners who are eager to improve and grow their business. If you’ve been turned down by the banks, or want a simpler and more accessible way to get funds, there are other, better providers of business finance out there.

Alternative Business Finance

Alternative Business Finance is growing in popularity, and rightly so. Not only is there a high acceptance rate meaning more owners can get approved, the application process is also simple and easy to complete. Alternative finance providers have created products which are much more flexible than the traditional bank loan, making them easier to repay. There’s so many options available that hotel owners can choose the one which they think will work the best with their business. Usually, people from the hospitality sector are drawn to the Merchant Cash Advance.

Why do Hotel Owners Need to Raise Business Finance? 

It’s not uncommon for hotel owners to raise business finance. There’s so much competition in the industry that people want to make sure their business is the best. Some people decide to get extra money so that they can improve their online presence, investing in a new website where their customers can easily make reservations, view images of the property and see deals and offers. Another popular reason for hotels to raise business finance is to refurbish. Whether the exterior of the premises needs a fresh lick of paint or the bathrooms need retiling, hotels get judged based on the way they look so it’s important that a lot of effort goes into keeping them clean and attractive. With Capify’s alternative business finance, you could make the changes to your hotel business which you’ve always wanted to implement.

Raise £3,500 – £500,000 with Capify

Capify offers two innovative business finance products, The Merchant Cash Advance and the Business Loan. 

The Merchant Cash Advance 

If you accept credit and debit card payments from your customers then the Merchant Cash Advance could be the perfect way to raise business finance. The product is extremely flexible and works in line with your card sales. This means that you never have to struggle to pay back more than you can afford. 

Capify will take a very small pre-agreed percentage of your card payments every working day until the advance is paid back. Therefore, if you have a slow day you repay less and on a busy day you repay slightly more.


The Business Loan

The Business Loan is different to others on the market because rather than paying back the money monthly, owners pay back a very small amount every day. Many people love this method because they don’t have to worry about saving for a fixed date. If you own a Limited Company, this could be the perfect business finance solution for you.  

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