5 Huge Benefits of Renovating and Refurbishing Your Small Business
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5 Huge Benefits of Renovating and Refurbishing Your Small Business

With Capify’s Merchant Cash Advance; restaurants, retailers, and salons can secure the funding they need to complete a renovation or refurbishment. This can cover everything from a quick cosmetic update to a major style overhaul.

Refurbishment can have huge benefits for businesses, including improved profits, a more noticeable presence on the high street, and better staff morale.

Create More Space for More Services

The more treatment rooms your salon has, or the more tables your restaurant can serve, the better your takings should be. Knocking down walls or building an extension can make a huge difference to how many people your business could serve in a day, or even free up space for more equipment, stock, and inventory.

Introduce Your Customers to a New Look

If your wallpaper’s looking tired, or your furniture has seen better days, it’s time for a refurb. The quality of a businesses fixtures and fittings will often get a mention on review sites, so it clearly matters to customers.

You don’t have to be too radical. A lick of paint or even a bit of rearrangement can make all the difference.

Improve Energy Efficiency

It’s not all about aesthetics – your businesses insulation and structure could be contributing to high energy costs. Your contractor will be able to advise on how to prevent wasted heat and energy, and choosing newer appliances will have higher efficiency ratings.

Renovation is also a great opportunity to upgrade to LED lights, use environmentally friendly materials, cut carbon emissions, and design with economy in mind.

Boost Day-to-Day Efficiency

If your stock room has become too confined, or your kitchen staff are struggling with a lack of equipment, expansion can make a huge difference. Having the space to grow and develop your services will make life easier for your staff, please your customers, and improve your profits.

Improve Your Branding

The atmosphere and look of your premises has a massive influence on customer opinion. Whether you’re emulating a classic Italian farmhouse or going for minimal luxury, renovation can keep your branding consistent.

To make your business recognisable and ensure that it stands out from competitors, you should also use your brand colours throughout the premises, on the outdoor signs and on all of your marketing material.

Funding from Capify can help you afford your desired fixtures and themes without negatively impacting your cash flow.

Capify provides business funding that’s quick and easy. With a Merchant Cash Advance or Alternative Business Loan you can raise upwards of £3,500. Repayments are straightforward too, and you’ll be assigned an account manager who will be on hand to answer any questions that you have.

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*This figure is accurate as of 19/09/2018.

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