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Hotel business finance can be difficult to come by, particularly when applying for a traditional bank loan for your hotel, B&B or Guest House. However, a new type of lending has been developed with high approval rates which Capify is proud to offer.

This innovative finance option is called a Merchant Cash Advance. If your hospitality business accepts credit or debit card sales of more than £3,000 per month, it could be a great option for you to consider.

It’s ideal not just for hotels, but for bars, restaurants, shops and any retailer who processes card payments too.


The valuable Merchant Cash Advance can be used to achieve various business goals such as refurbishing a premises or training and hiring new staff. Some hotels also like to use the funding to invest in marketing or advertising so that they can expand and promote the business further.

Applying for this unique hotel business finance is extremely easy, you can call 0800 151 0980 to speak to a friendly and informed advisor, or apply online and gain a decision about how much funding can be raised within 60 seconds!

Many hotels in the UK, including Manchester, Birmingham and London have benefited from having the extra cash in their bank accounts, which they received just days after being approved.

The Merchant Cash Advance is extremely flexible, the amount you repay will vary daily depending on your card takings, which means you don’t have to struggle to save a fixed amount at the end of every month. This innovative finance method is appealing for many reasons, find out if your business could benefit from it today!

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