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Jul 2018

10 Ways for Small Businesses to Cleverly Manage Cash Flow

British Money

Many business owners notice money drifting out of their accounts far too easily which can make it difficult to maintain a healthy cash flow. Keep your business bank balance looking good with these 10 clever tips. Learn from history When you’re forecasting, historical revenue data is extremely valuable. If you’re new to business and only have …

Jul 2018

The Top 5 Cash Flow Worries for British Businesses


Cash flow management can affect every aspect of a business’ growth, from its ability to hire new staff to servicing more customers and clients.

Reassuringly, you’re far from alone. Businesses of every size are dealing with late payments and the roadblocks they produce. Here are the 5 biggest cash flow concerns for British businesses.

Jun 2018

How Small Businesses can Develop a Consistent Brand Identity on a Budget


A business’ brand is how it presents itself to its customers, and the people who are yet to become customers. It has to be consistent, tell a story, and show a clearly defined personality. Even the smallest retailer, bar, restaurant, or salon, can develop a brand personality. The first step is knowing who you are and what …

Jun 2018

How Small Retailers Can Embrace ‘Predictive Shopping’ on a Budget

Female Shop Owner

Predictive shopping is one of retail’s newest technological developments, using artificial intelligence to predict what customers will want to buy and buy again. Rather than leaving customers entirely to their own devices, predictive shopping aims to make suggestions and lead customers down a particular buying journey. One of the first retailers to really embrace this …

May 2018

How regular staff feedback can keep your team productive and positive


Your team of staff is one of the most important assets you have, so their growth goes hand in hand with the growth of your business overall. Regular feedback and performance reviews are crucial – here’s why you should keep them frequent and thorough. Set expectations and review progress Regular performance reviews work really well …

Apr 2018

How learning to say ‘no’ can grow your business


Both Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs have weighed in on the art of saying no. For Jobs, “Focusing is about saying no”, and Buffett advised “We need to learn the slow ‘yes’ and the quick ‘no’.” Many of us fear saying this very simple word though, partly through a fear of conflict, not wanting to …

Apr 2018

How to get GDPR compliant customer data and repermission existing data


May’s GDPR can mean the customer data you already hold isn’t compliant anymore. Your existing databases and mailing lists need to be updated and repermissioned, or potentially deleted, which could make marketing to your customers quite tricky. Before you reluctantly push the delete button, here are some ways to make sure your data stays GDPR …

Apr 2018

7 employee benefits that don’t cost an arm and a leg


Do your staff feel valued? Underappreciated staff are more likely to have regular absences and even resign from their role, which can increase staffing costs by £30k each time. Your business doesn’t need a Google-sized budget to pay for meaningful staff perks. Here are 7 benefits even small businesses can afford. Day off on your …

Apr 2018

How Your Business Can Make the Most of Longer Days and Lighter Evenings


After a long and gloomy winter, it’s nice that the sun is now sticking around till after 7pm.  A US study found darker nights can see spending fall by 2.2% – 4.9%. Extra hours of daylight can improve spending and activity for local business owners. Here’s how you can make the most of it. More Footfall, More …

Apr 2018

How Independent Restaurants Can Beat the Larger Chains


The big restaurant chains can be found in nearly every town and city in Britain, but many have suffered some heavy losses in recent years. Pizza Express’ sales dropped by 0.9% between 2015 and 2016, so their marketing efforts now include jazz nights, salsa dancing, and even stand up comedy sets alongside their menu. 12 Jamie’s …