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Mar 2018

How to Improve your Staff’s Happiness

Happy Staff

It’s likely that staff turnover is one of the problems you’re trying to overcome in your business. The average staff turnover rate is 15%, and if you keep turning to staffing agencies and job sites, the cost will really add up. Start Discussions and get Their Opinions A guaranteed way to make staff feel overlooked …

Mar 2018

Get Your Small Business Ready for GDPR Before May

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From 25 May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into play across Europe. The aim is to make sure businesses protect personal data, and give their customers and service users more control over how their information is used. The deadline is coming up, but according to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), 33% of …

Mar 2018

Top Stock-Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Portrait of a coffee shop owner

Inventory is an expensive but essential business commodity. Whether you’re a bar, salon, retailer, or garage, there are items you just can’t operate without. However, just because they’re a necessity, doesn’t mean you have to be content with the cost. If you’re smart about the way you order, store, and use your stock, you can …

Mar 2018

Rising Interest Rates Explained: What’s The Best Option for Your Business?

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Businesses and consumers had been warned that interest rates might rise at the end of February, but this has been put on hold by the Bank of England and moved to a May deadline. For now, interest rates will remain at 0.50%, but it’s unlikely to stay at this level for very long. For businesses, …

Mar 2018

Small Business Success Stories: Why Shoppers Are Going Back to the Butchers Shop


Butchering is one of the oldest trades in British history, but when supermarkets dramatically changed the face of the high street, a lot of people became concerned that they wouldn’t survive.  The number of UK-based butchers’ shops has dropped “from 30,000 to 6,000 in the past 20 years”, but our demand for them is beginning …

Mar 2018

How to Prepare Your Business for Workplace Pensions

Portrait of a mechanic at work in his garage - car service, repair, maintenance and people concept.

Since October 2012, it’s been a legal requirement for employers to offer a workplace pension scheme to their eligible staff: Aged 22 to State Pension age (66 for men and women). Earn at least £10,000 a year. Work in the UK. The Money Advice Service have created a workplace pension contribution calculator so people can …

Mar 2018

How to Change Your Business From a Sole Trader to a Limited Company

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When a business owner first sets up and they’re running everything independently, it generally makes sense to be a sole trader. Setting up a limited company involves more responsibility but there are also more benefits, that’s why many owners make the move as their business becomes more successful. If you’re considering changing your business to a …

Mar 2018

8 Online Tools to Help Grow Your Business in 2018

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2018 is the year your small business goes from strength to strength. These 8 online tools and apps are designed to help you manage your business, attract more customers, and keep them coming back. RotaCloud – easy online rota software Instead of pinning a printed Excel sheet on a notice board for staff to check …

Mar 2018

You Could Be a Millionaire Without Knowing It


When we add up our pension savings, property values, and investments, there are 3.6 million ‘millionaire households’ in the UK. This figure is up by 29% in 2 years, according to the Office for National Statistics. Small businesses can also use their assets to calculate how close they are to millionaire status. Everything from your …

Feb 2018

How to Prepare Your Restaurant and Bar for Spring 2018

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For many of us in Britain, it’s been none stop icy winds and lashing rain for the last few months. Soon it will thankfully come to an end, and the first day of spring – which is on the 20th March – will bring exciting new opportunities for business owners. If you’ve spent the winter …