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Raise up to £500,000 for your business

Capify offers two innovative lending methods, the Business Loan and Merchant Cash Advance. Both of these funding solutions are great alternatives to a business bank loan.

We have successfully helped many companies across the UK to gain the finance needed to expand their business.

Alternatives to the Bank

Many people go straight to the banks when they need to source business finance and although this may seem like the best thing to do, they’re rejection rate is very high.

Banks have a strict set of criteria which they need to follow, often meaning business owners are left feeling like they have been turned away for the wrong reasons. However, there are alternatives, here’s some information about Capify’s Business Loan. 

Capify’s Repayments 

With Capify’s Business Loan, Limited companies are able to acquire anywhere from £3,500-£500,000.

If you process a minimum of £5,000 per month through your business bank account then you qualify and are therefore able to raise 75% of your average monthly turnover. 

Business owners repay the loan daily, rather than monthly like you would if you went to the banks. People love this method because they don’t have to save a large bulk sum. 


The Benefits of Getting a Capify Business Loan

Our Business Loan could improve your business dramatically. You might need extra funds for marketing and advertising or to help you purchase additional inventory. This requires a lot of capital up front which many businesses struggle to obtain from the banks.

 Lots of business owners also choose to use the money to refurbish their business premises or to open a new store at a different location.

Capify’s loan can help you achieve any goal you may have and grow your business.

The Application Process 

Applying for Capify’s Business Loan is quick and simple. We offer an advanced online application which will give you a decision about how much can be raised in just 60 seconds. Once approved, we could have the funds in your account in a matter of days.

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