Jun 2018

New Stats Reveal Card Payments Have Overtaken Cash

Happy Staff

For the first time ever, new stats have shown that in 2017 more card payments were made in Britain compared to cash. Last year, 13.1 billion transactions were with old fashioned coins and notes, whereas 13.2 billion were made with debit cards. Cash is now the second most common payment method in Britain. The survey, conducted …

Jun 2018

How Small Businesses can Develop a Consistent Brand Identity on a Budget


A business’ brand is how it presents itself to its customers, and the people who are yet to become customers. It has to be consistent, tell a story, and show a clearly defined personality. Even the smallest retailer, bar, restaurant, or salon, can develop a brand personality. The first step is knowing who you are and what …

Jun 2018

How Small Retailers Can Embrace ‘Predictive Shopping’ on a Budget

Female Shop Owner

Predictive shopping is one of retail’s newest technological developments, using artificial intelligence to predict what customers will want to buy and buy again. Rather than leaving customers entirely to their own devices, predictive shopping aims to make suggestions and lead customers down a particular buying journey. One of the first retailers to really embrace this …

May 2018

10 books every business owner should read


The Effective Executive (2006), Peter F Drucker Written by a game changing management consultant, The Effective Executive advocates for smart decision-making habits, respect for the worker, and thinking before taking action. Jeff Bezos is apparently a fan, adding this book to the reading lists of Amazon’s top managers.   Conscious Capitalism (2014), John Mackey and …

Apr 2018

How learning to say ‘no’ can grow your business


Both Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs have weighed in on the art of saying no. For Jobs, “Focusing is about saying no”, and Buffett advised “We need to learn the slow ‘yes’ and the quick ‘no’.”

Apr 2018

The lost art of bartering: how businesses can grow together


Many of us assume bartering means beating someone down on price, but barter systems are primarily based on exchange. Roman soldiers, Europeans in the Middle Ages, and even those living during the Great Depression in the 1930s, have developed their own barter systems when physical money is scarce, impractical, or low in value.

Your business doesn’t necessarily need to be low on cash flow to make bartering a good idea, it’s still a brilliant way to trade services, pass on business, and receive referrals too.