Apr 2018

3 ways to get to know your customers really well


How well do you know your customers? Do you know what they really think of your products and services? What about your website? It’s easy to guess what your audience wants and needs, but even the most perceptive business owner doesn’t get it right all the time.

Apr 2018

Your Customers Expect to Pay by Card – Are You Catering to Them?

Woman Accepting Card Image

There are 164 million debit and credit cards in use throughout the UK. In 2016, use of them increased by 10% compared to the previous year, totalling £904 billion in transactions. 1 in 2 credit cards and 2 in 3 debit cards are contactless, meaning people are increasingly likely to expect to be able to …

Apr 2018

How Your Business Can Make the Most of Longer Days and Lighter Evenings


After a long and gloomy winter, it’s nice that the sun is now sticking around till after 7pm.  A US study found darker nights can see spending fall by 2.2% – 4.9%. Extra hours of daylight can improve spending and activity for local business owners. Here’s how you can make the most of it. More Footfall, More …

Apr 2018

How Independent Restaurants Can Beat the Larger Chains


The big restaurant chains can be found in nearly every town and city in Britain, but many have suffered some heavy losses in recent years. Pizza Express’ sales dropped by 0.9% between 2015 and 2016, so their marketing efforts now include jazz nights, salsa dancing, and even stand up comedy sets alongside their menu. 12 Jamie’s …

Apr 2018

How Independent Retailers Can Beat the Big Retail Chains

Clothing Shop- Resized

Every year, another retail giant goes into administration or voluntary arrangement and closes its doors. Last year it was BHS, and this year Toys R Us and Maplin have announced closing down sales. In 2017, the number of large retailers going into administration rose for first time in 5 years. The scale of big retailers …

Apr 2018

How to Keep Your Pub or Bar Profitable During Quiet Periods


Every pub and bar has its peak periods, whether it’s Sunday lunch service or before midnight on a Saturday. Sometimes those busy times make up for a lack of footfall on other days, but some business owners can find themselves struggling with cash flow if they don’t keep a steady influx of customers coming through their doors. …

Apr 2018

How to Fund New Equipment for Your Pub or Bar


Refrigeration, catering supplies, blenders and mixers. With shiny new equipment in your pub, you’ll be able to introduce new drinks, offer food if you don’t already, and host functions and events. The wider your range of equipment, the more diverse your service as a pub. Affording this equipment can be difficult for small businesses, however. Here are …

Mar 2018

How to Introduce Card Payments at Your Business

Woman Accepting Card Image

Britain is an increasingly cashless society, so the option of chip and PIN or contactless is a really appealing prospect for paying customers. Over £2 billion is processed through card payments in the UK every day. If you have to turn customers away with a ‘cash only’ sign, you’re potentially losing a lot of business. …