Sep 2017

What would £20k do for your business this Christmas?

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The last quarter of the year is a hugely profitable time for lots of business owners. In 2016, UK Christmas spending hit a record of £77.56bn, with 75% of these sales estimated to have been made on the high street (Real Business). In order to achieve their business plans, lots of owners turn to alternative …

Jun 2017

3 Major Challenges Faced by Business Owners

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SMEs face a lot of challenges in the current market and it takes much determination and patience to ensure that they succeed. Below we address three of the biggest challenges you might come across. Money Problems The main problem cited as the reason for the failure of a small business is issues with cash flow. It’s …

Oct 2016

Make the Most of Halloween 2016

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It’s nearly that time of year again when you can expect a knock on the door from a few of your neighbours disguised as little monsters or ghouls. Yep, it’s Halloween. Up until quite recently, Halloween wasn’t regarded as anything major by us Brits. It was merely a chance to dress the kids up as …

Sep 2016

5 Online Tools That Will Streamline Your Business and Save You Precious Time

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Running a business can be difficult, but luckily more and more tools are being created to help busy owners out. The below systems will not only save you time, but they’ll also make you more efficient and organised. Dropbox Dropbox is a great cloud based tool which enables you to access all your important files …

Aug 2016

It’s Your Time to Beat Competition and Win the Business Race

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It’s the start of the Olympics in Rio and therefore we thought it would be fitting to write a new blog post about how you can win a race of your own. The business race. You probably face competition every single day, whether it’s someone trying to beat your prices or conquer your customers. It …

Aug 2016

Bad Review? Don’t Panic

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People are starting to rely on reviews more and more, It’s all good and well hearing from a company that their product is the best in the world, but only a person with an unbiased opinion can tell me what I really need to know, is it? And will I be glad I’ve spent my …

Jul 2016

Playing Games Could Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur

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Video games and games in general are a favourite pass time of lots of people. Whether adult, child or teenager, there’s nothing like a good game of chess to get the brain going, a game of monopoly to have some friendly, family competition, or a game of FIFA against friends. Playing games also has some …