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Jun 2015

Are Your Employees Happy at Work? It’s Time To Make Sure They Are

Coffee Shop Workers- Resized

Employees are a fundamental part of your business and it is vital that they are treated as such. It can often be the case that staff are overlooked and instead customers are viewed as the only priority. However, according to a study conducted at the University of Warwick, happiness makes people more productive at work …

Jun 2015

Prepare Your Retail Business for Father’s Day


With this year’s Father’s day quickly approaching (Sunday 21st June), it’s time to get your business ready! This is a great opportunity to put your marketing skills into practice and make some extra sales. Whether your retail shop sells gifts, shoes, chocolates or clothes, with the right innovation you will attract searching family members to …

Jun 2015

Why Your Business Should Move To ‘The Cloud’


‘Moving to the cloud’ sounds almost fairy-tale like, however it’s a journey that people really are taking every day. Cloud computing involves people leaving their work, photos, and any other data, on a system which is seemingly floating above our heads, however, its actually multiple huge servers stored in warehouses all around the world. In …

Jun 2015

How To Combat Negativity In Your Business

Business Owner Looking Down- ReSized

As a business owner it isn’t uncommon to experience negativity, you might be unsure that a new product is going to succeed, or that you really need those extra 5 members of staff. To some extent it comes with the job, but what’s the best way to deal with it? Don’t Act Aggressively When people are criticised, …

Jun 2015

The Benefits of Pop-up Businesses


‘Pop up’ businesses are everywhere at the moment, owners are using them to sell designer clothes, unique gift products like candles or jewellery, and even food goods. There are so many advantages that surround these versatile stores, especially in the summer when people enjoy spending their spare time outside, rather than cooped up indoors. Here …

Jun 2015

Discover innovative business loan company, Capify

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Could business finance help you today? Here’s some information about our unique and innovative loan product, Capiota. Typically a business bank loan is repaid monthly, which means entrepreneurs have to budget and save for 30 days, ensuring that they have enough in their bank account to pay a large lump sum when the time comes. …

Jun 2015

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Zero Hour Contracts


Zero hour contracts are chosen by an employer when they want to create a flexible working environment which is beneficial for their business and its staff.  Although they aren’t favoured by everyone, they can be a great solution for some companies, especially those in the hospitality sector where situations are constantly changing. According to a …

May 2015

Is your restaurant attracting the right people?


According to a study by Santa Maria Foodservice featured in Big Hospitality, alternative generations have a preference for not only different foods, but different eating environments too. Some of the study’s results are really interesting and include things you may have never before considered. Here’s a list of different age groups and their preferences when …

May 2015

Gender Equality in the Workplace- Does your business promote it?

Equality between man and woman concept with beam scales and sign

In today’s day and age, equality should be a given- not a privilege. However, it seems that in many ways people are still discriminated against, even for something as commonplace as gender. This seems old fashioned and an issue that should have been conquered long ago, yet still it occurs every day in the British …

May 2015

Is your business prepared for the bank holiday?


Bank holidays are typically a day of rest, a day where people can relax and enjoy the freedom of not being in work. However this isn’t the case for everyone, as those who have a job in the hospitality sector will likely find they experience a much more hectic day than usual. Public holidays can …